Health Information Technology - HIT

HIT 515 Introduction to Health Information Technology 3 Credits

This course traces the development of IT systems in health care and public health, beginning with the experiments of the 1960s and culminating in the HITECH Act. The course focuses on the concept of meaningful use of technology and the federally required stages of Meaningful Use.

Offered: every fall & spring, online only.

HIT 535 Understanding EHRs 3 Credits

This course introduces students to the components, selection, use and optimization of electronic health records (“EHRs”). Policies and reports that have encouraged adoption of EHRs will be reviewed. Functionality, usability and safety issues will be emphasized. The course enables students to understand the impact of EHR adoption on health care providers and patients in the United States.

Prerequisites: HIT 515, HIT 525, and HIT 555.

Offered: every fall, online only.

HIT 600 Health IT Workflow 3 Credits

This course introduces the concepts of health IT and practice workflow redesign as instruments of quality improvement. For those focused on health care, course materials will addresses establishing a culture that uses IT to support improved quality and safety. Approaches to assessing patient safety issues and implementing quality management and reporting through electronic systems will be discussed. For those with IT backgrounds, the course includes fundamentals of health workflow process analysis and redesign as a necessary component of complete practice automation; includes topics of process validation and change management.

Prerequisites: ALH 500, HIT 515, 525, and 555

Offered: every summer, online only.

HIT 635 Planning, Management, and Leadership for Health IT 3 Credits

This course is intended for those preparing for leadership roles and includes the principles of leadership and effective management of teams. Emphasis on the leadership modes and styles best suited to health IT deployment. Students will receive a broad overview of project management including some distinctive characteristics of health IT projects. This unit includes several real life scenarios to illustrate the diversity of projects in health IT.

Prerequisite: HIT 515, HIT 525, HIT 535, HIT 545, HIT 555.

Offered: every spring, online only.