Early Childhood/Childhood-ECCH

ECCH 221 Emergent Literacy 3 Credits

Examines theories of language development and implications for practice. Strategies are presented to facilitate emergent and developing literacy skills in young children and to develop fluent readers and writers throughout the elementary years. Includes twenty pages of polished prose including a literature review, literature project and lesson plans.

Offered: fall.

ECCH 222 Literacy and the Arts in the Elementary Classroom 3 Credits

Examines effective methods for assessing children's literacy skills and for developing targeted instruction that reinforces, remediates and/or enriches literacy learning. Issues related to the literacy learning of all children, including children with disabilities and children from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds are examined. Research-based early intervention programs will be examined. Includes 30 hours of field experience in grades PreK-6.

Corequisite: ECCH 221.

ECCH 412 Managing the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom 3 Credits

Develops understanding of how to build classroom communities and organize the classroom for student success. Discusses the importance of a proactive approach to prevent behavior problems and investigates a variety of classroom management strategies. Strategies for collaborating with diverse families and other professionals will be explored, including strategies for co-teaching.

ECCH 493 Student Teaching-Early Childhood/Childhood 12 Credits

Highlights knowledge, skills, and dispositions of professional educators. Two full-time 7-week placements- one in each childhood and early childhood classroom requires candidates to become the instructional leader under the supervision of cooperating teachers and college faculty.

Prerequisite: signature of chair. Corequisite: ECCH 494 & EDU 497. Restriction: no other courses allowed.

ECCH 494 Capstone Seminar for Teacher Candidates 3 Credits

Complements student teaching for education majors. Includes activities that demonstrate how well teacher candidates can integrate theoretical principles and core attributes into the practical work of student teaching. Teacher candidates will complete readings, engage in classroom discussions and construct artifacts related to issues of diversity, ethics, global awareness and social justice. Each artifact will be presented and discussed in class and evaluated for content, effectiveness and illustration of specific core attributes.

Prerequisite: signature of chair. Corequisite: student teaching.

Fulfills College Core: Core Capstone

ECCH 499 Independent Study 3 Credits

Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: signature of chair & associate dean.