Early Childhood Ed - EDY

EDY 208 Infant/Toddler Care and Education 3 Credits

This course utilizes developmental theory and research findings to examine issues of attachment, perception, motor skills, cognition, language, emotions and social skills in children birth through age three. An emphasis is placed on understanding children in the context of family and culture. Requires 10 hours of field placement: infant/toddler.

EDY 209 Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms 3 Credits

Emphasizes research-supported practice for enhancing children's physical, cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development within the framework of the New York State Standards. Focuses on developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. Requires 10 hours of field placement: PreK/K.

EDY 306 Music, Movement and the Arts in Early Childhood Education 3 Credits

Emphasizes the integration of music, movement, and the arts into the curriculum in K-6 classrooms. Explores various media and materials utilized to enrich learning and stimulate children's creativity.

EDY 310 Teaching Math/Science in Early Childhood Classrooms 3 Credits

Focuses on inquiry methods, problem solving, and diagnostic teaching addressing the New York State standards. Emphasizes hands-on materials, visuals and other multi-model experiences in math/science learning in the early years. Requires 10 hours of field placement Grades 1-2.