Business Analytics - BAN

BAN 609 Business Analytics 3 Credits

This course builds on the tools of statistical inference developed in MBA 503 to address issues of estimation and hypothesis testing encountered in regression analysis and forecasting. A comprehensive introduction to econometric modeling and forecasting will be provided. Emphasis will be place on application, interpretation and evaluation of forecasts.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

BAN 707 Business Systems and Analytics 3 Credits

Development, organization, and implementation of manual and electronic accounting information systems. Emphasis on flow charts and analysis, modification, and improvement of existing systems.

Prerequisite: ACC 505 or ACC 701.

Offered: every fall & spring.

BAN 731 Business Analytics, Data Visualization & Modeling 3 Credits

Overview of electronic business transactions emphasizing concepts and foundations underlying data analytics for accounting. Course provides theoretical foundations of business intelligence, descriptive analytics, data visualization, and predictive analytics. Students apply data analytic concepts through the use of analytics software.

Offered: every fall & spring.

BAN 752 Strategic Performance Analytics 3 Credits

Evaluating enterprise information, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system design and functionality, data integrity, use of financial and non-financial information for organizational decision-making, business process improvement and risk management.

Prerequisite: BAN 707 or ACC 707.

Offered: every spring.