Economics - ECO

ECO 503 Statistics for Managers with Excel 3 Credits

This course covers statistical concepts and techniques emphasizing problem solving and interpretation: descriptive statistics, probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, contingency tables, analysis of variance and simple regression analysis.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

ECO 511 Macroeconomics 1.5 Credits

This course is designed to acquaint the student who has had no previous macroeconomic training with the body of knowledge, methods of analysis related to the global macroeconomic environment. The underlying models and their impacts on decision-makers is the focus of the course.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

ECO 606 Managerial Economics 3 Credits

This course is designed to acquaint students with market forces that affect the decision making process of managers. It provides the analytic framework to understand consumer behavior, production technology, and input costs. Students will also learn how markets and the global environment influence managers, set prices and respond to the strategies of their competitors for long term firm sustainability.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

ECO 609 Business Analytics 3 Credits

This course builds on the tools of statistical inference developed in MBA 503 to address issues of estimation and hypothesis testing encountered in regression analysis and forecasting. A comprehensive introduction to econometric modeling and forecasting will be provided. Emphasis will be placed on application. interpretation and evaluation of forecasts.

Prerequisite: ECO 503.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

ECO 611 Financing State & Local Government 3 Credits

Municipal credit risk and municipal bonds analysis of revenue sources for state and local governments. Public/private sector interaction in urban areas, city-suburban fiscal disparity and competition, state/local government structure, inter-governmental relations. This course also serves as a Finance elective.

Prerequisite: MBA 526 or ECO 526.

Offered: occasionally.

ECO 612 Geographical Info Sys for Bus 3 Credits

An applied introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a mapping and spatial analysis tool that is widely used in education, government, and industry to solve spatial problems. This course combines lectures and hands-on exercises and provides students the opportunity to use ArcGIS software.

Prerequisite: MBA 504 or ECO 504.

Offered: occasionally.

ECO 615 Economics Research Methodology 3 Credits

Economic Research Methodology is a course where the tools of microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics are applied to analysis of economic data at both the national and local levels. The course will focus on Bureau of the Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data in the analysis of labor markets and other behavioral economic issues.

Prerequisite: ECO 504, MBA 504, MBA 503, ECO 503.

Offered: every spring.

ECO 621 Money, Banking and the Economy 3 Credits

The connection between financial markets, the economy, and the Federal Reserve will be explored. This course will examine the nature of financial markets, the determination of interest rates, banking, money and monetary policy. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of monetary policy on the macro economy.

Prerequisite: MBA 504 or ECO 504.

Offered: every fall.