Educational Technologies - EDT

EDT 501 Learning with Technology 3 Credits

This course helps teachers create safe, supportive, respectful, and equitable learning environments utilizing technology in order to facilitate learning for all students. Students will investigate how to gain quality and effectiveness in teaching by expanding their knowledge of technology as a tool, a medium, and a setting for learning. The content focus will not be on learning specific technologies, but rather to gain an understanding of how technology can be much more than 'just a tool' in a classroom or training.

Offered: fall & spring, online only.

EDT 502 Instructional Design Theories and Models 3 Credits

Students investigate and apply models for systematically analyzing instructional problems and developing valid and practical solutions specific to their professional goals.

Offered: fall & spring, online only.

EDT 503 Educational Multimedia Design and Emerging Technology 3 Credits

Students will examine theory and practice of creating educational and instructional multimedia for learning and will look at future trends in teaching and learning. They will explore promising technology and discover how the use of these may help them lead in their field and address current challenges in their work and professions. Students will demonstrate their ability and willingness to become agents of social change through the thoughtful and scholarly integrating of technology for learning. This course includes a 10 hour field experience.

Offered: fall & summer.

EDT 504 Integrating Technology in the Differentiated Classroom 3 Credits

This course introduces educators and professionals to technology that can be used to support, supplement and deliver differentiated content and assessment in the mixed ability classroom, including those with disabilities and specific learning needs. The benefits and challenges of incorporating technology will be considered while participants learn how to integrate technology into their curriculum. Participants will gain hands-on experience using technological strategies for differentiation that will engage learners of all styles, ranging from new uses for basic software applications and online collaboration, to the production of multimedia. This course includes a 10 hour field experience.

Offered: fall & summer, online only.

EDT 505 Integrating Technology and Emerging Media into the Content Areas 3 Credits

The course provides practical, timely, and relevant ways to integrate technology for content learning. Students will examine best practice use of Education Technologies for their content areas, emerging technology, and curriculum-specific uses of technology for learning new content.

Offered: fall & spring, online only.

EDT 506 Research Methods: New Literacies 3 Credits

This course is a response to the call of the 21st century to make students interactive, technologically savvy citizens. As our global society increasingly turns from page to screen for most aspects of modern life, teachers in all content areas will need to know not only the traditional knowledge, skills and methods of their disciplines, but they also must develop competencies in new literacies. New literacies are now necessary for everyone to interact and function in business, for entertainment, and in virtually all other areas of modern life. It is vital, therefore, for teachers to teach students to use inquiry, collaboration, and multimodal design, as well as more traditional types of critical thinking to do their life's work.

Offered: spring & summer; online only.

EDT 507 Transformational Leadership and Technology 3 Credits

Students will examine concepts and strategies needed for leadership in the use and integration of technology for learning. Topics include strategic planning, leadership styles, change processes, and policy issues in educational technology. This course includes a 10 hour field experience.

Offered: spring, online only.

EDT 508 Technology for Social Change 3 Credits

Students will prepare for educational leadership and be better able to be advocates of social justice through the use of technology for learning. The course focuses on policies that relate to social justice and technology in an attempt to prepare educational leaders to make a positive contribution in their fields. The main objective is to better understand how technology can impact society and how to make that positive change happen.

Offered: spring, online only.

EDT 510 Integrated Master?s Project 6 Credits

Students investigate and research an academic topic in Education Technologies and then apply that research to an actual education setting. Students will develop a comprehensive thesis paper and a multi-media presentation piece. For candidates not seeking a New York State certification.

Prerequisite: permission of program director.

Offered: fall, spring, & summer; online only.

EDT 511 College Supervised Fieldwork in Education Technologies 6 Credits

This course is the culmination of the work throughout the program and will require students to complete a practicum of 90 hours working with a teacher or leader in the field. The program will follow theprotocols set forth by the School of Education and Human Services, and will utilize the same rubrics, lesson plan formats, unit plan formats, Code of Ethics, Student Teacher Candidate Contract, etc. For candidates seeking a New York State certification.

Prerequisite: permission of program director.

Offered: fall, spring, & summer; online only.

EDT 599 Independent Study 3 Credits

Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of program director & associate dean.