Early Childhood Ed - EDY

EDY 509 Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms 3 Credits

Emphasizes research-supported practice for enhancing children's physical, cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development within the framework of the New York State Standards. Focuses on developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. Requires 10 hours of field placement: PreK/K.

EDY 540 Early Childhood Learning and Development 3 Credits

The application to classroom practice of the principles of effective learning and the role of motivation and a consideration of motivation and self-worth will be studied. Candidates will critically review basic brain and nerve structure and function as it applies to learning and teaching. Attention will be directed toward the constructs of intelligence, creativity, meta-cognition, transfer of learning and learning styles. specific theories including those of Skinner, Piaget, Vygotsky and Covington will be analyzed and critiqued. Classroom management options will be considered.

Offered: occasionally.