Online Teaching & Training - OTT

OTT 501 Introduction to eLearning 3 Credits

Learners will get an overview of elearning, learn about the basics, and learn how to teach and assess readiness for elearning. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of the virtual classroom, including the design and delivery of online coursework. Course concepts include synchronous and asynchronous learning systems, using the web for instruction, virtual communities, online teaching tools, and how students' needs can be addressed in online delivery. Current research in online teaching and learning will be explored and participants will begin to consider how they might build a basic course or course component in their field. The course or course component will begin the participant's capstone project, which will be developed throughout the program and which will exemplify the application of the program concepts.

Offered: every spring, online only.

OTT 502 eLearning Course Development 3 Credits

Students will learn how to plan, design, develop, deliver, and assess an online course and learners. They will also learn how to accommodate a wide variety of learners. Participants will investigate online teaching concepts and models. They will plan their learning outcomes and incorporate them into their plan for implementation by aligning learning outcomes and models. They will build and rationalize appropriate assignments and technology tools to meet course goals and objectives.

Offered: occasionally, online only.

OTT 503 Technologies for eLearning 3 Credits

Because technology and innovation happens at a fast pace, students will be expected to learn how to find, evaluate, and synthesize how new tools may benefit teaching and training. This course examines emerging technology tools for virtual learning environments. Students will be expected to utilize the learning outcomes for a particular class or training session to purposefully choose appropriate technologies, including both synchronous and synchronous tools. They will demonstrate careful consideration for selecting certain technology tools and how they will help learners succeed in a classroom setting.

Offered: occasionally, online only.

OTT 504 Evaluating eLearning 3 Credits

Participants will investigate how the history of innovation and distance education has impacted educational thought and culture, including managerial and organizational issues, change-management, decision-making, and solutions for successful course and program management. They will investigate and plan for the use of research-based solutions to educational problems, both in face-to-face and online environments. As a deliverable, participants will analyze which particular challenge(s) they may encounter and write a plan for addressing such an issue. The plan will be included in their course development portfolio.

Offered: occasionally, online only.