Interdisciplinary Minor in Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the science of acquiring, preserving, retrieving and presenting data that has been processed electronically and stored on various types of electronic media including, E-mail and instant message (IM), cellular phones and digital cameras, tablet computers, GPS devices and the Internet.

Computer forensics is appropriate for students interested in a career in information security, criminal justice, forensic accounting, law enforcement, or federal investigations—as well as computer forensics investigations for defense and plaintiff lawyers.

This is a multi-disciplinary minor designed for students who have chosen any academic major in either the School of Arts & Sciences or School of Business, but who may have an academic or career interest in computer forensics.

CRJ 227Criminal Justice I3
CRJ 228Criminal Justice II3
ISB 350Computer and Network Security3
ISB 460Computer Forensics3
ISB 470Cyber Security3
Select one ethics course:3
Criminal Justice Ethics
Managerial Environment
Total Credits18