Anthropology - ANT

ANT 121 Biological Anthropology 3 Credits

Our species in nature: evolutionary theory, principles of heredity, population genetics, human variations, fossil hominids, primate classification and behavior studies.

Fulfills College Core: Field 6 (Natural Sciences)

Offered: fall & spring.

ANT 122 Sociocultural Anthropology 3 Credits

Explores importance of culture in explaining diversity in human behavior and beliefs, looking at variety of societies inhabiting the world. Details the development of the field and the methods and theories employed by socio-cultural anthropologists to better understand humanity.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences), Global Awareness

Offered: spring.

ANT 230 Introduction to Archaeology 3 Credits

Introduction to the principles, methods, and theoretical approaches of modern archaeology; overview of history and practice of archaeology; how the past is reconstructed; origin of culture and development of social complexity.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences), Global Awareness

Offered: fall.

ANT 240 Anthropology and Film 3 Credits

A critical survey of both documentary and commercial films on themes in anthropology, e.g. human evolution, ape behavior, socio-cultural change, and the significance of symbolic language for adaptation and survival. Stresses the value of both facts and concepts in an anthropological view of our species.

Offered: spring.

ANT 290 Anthropology and Evolution 3 Credits

Concept of evolution in the five major areas of anthropology: biological, archaeology, sociocultural, linguistics, and applied anthropology. This course stresses the value of empirical evidence and critical thinking.

Offered: fall.

ANT 300 Special Topics in Anthropology 3 Credits

Critical examination of a selected topic in anthropology. Subject matter determined by the instructor.

Offered: occasionally.

ANT 310 Codebreaking 3 Credits

The evolution of codes and the relevance of codes to contemporary society. Covers the history of codes and the achievements of code breakers who deciphered ancient texts. Students will acquire and practice skills needed to identify structural components of codes.

ANT 333 Forensic Anthropology 3 Credits

Anthropological methods and information used to survey the origin and history of crime science. Emphasis on the use of well-known case studies in order to understand and appreciate the value of forensic investigation.

Offered: fall.

ANT 341 Environmental Anthropology 3 Credits

This course examines how the concept of culture can contribute to our understanding of environmental issues, in terms of how human beings adapt to their environment and the way in which they understand and give meaning to the world they live in. Examines the reciprocal relationship between humans and their habitat.

Fulfills College Core: Advanced Writing-Intensive, Global Awareness

ANT 350 Business Anthropology 3 Credits

Applies anthropological theory and methodology in the context of business. Businesses deal with a diverse and fast changing global market place that impacts their products, services, employees, customers and ideas. Anthropological perspective will provide timely and meaningful information to ensure understanding of a global marketplace from a cultural perspective.

Fulfills College Core: Advanced Writing-Intensive, Global Awareness

ANT 351 Qualitative Research Methods 3 Credits

Survey of research designs from a qualitative perspective, including field research, participant observation, content analysis, ethnomethodology, and focus groups. Analysis and reporting of qualitative data.

Offered: fall.

ANT 355 Sociolinguistics 3 Credits

Investigates the nature of the relationship between social behavior and language change within linguistic communities.

Fulfills College Core: Advanced Writing-Intensive

ANT 365 Gender Issues in Language 3 Credits

Explores the intersection of language and gender, examining gender-related stylistic variation in conversation and communication between and among women and men as cross-cultural communication.

ANT 370 Origin and Evolution of Language 3 Credits

Surveys theories of the origin and development of language, exploring early perspectives drawn from mythology, religion and philosophy as well as current views emerging from the social and natural sciences.

ANT 399 Field Work 3 Credits

Offers practical experience in a variety of social situations and cultural settings. Observations and research logs are used to provide a basis for analysis.

Prerequisite: permission of department chair.

Offered: fall & spring.

ANT 461 Anthropology Capstone 1 Credit

Integrating experience for majors; focus is on demonstrating proficiency in the discipline and preparation for post-graduate studies or employment.

Offered: spring.

ANT 498 Internship 3 Credits

Internships require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of the chair & associate dean.

ANT 499 Independent Study 1-3 Credits

Independent studies allow in-depth study of a specific topic and are most often reserved for seniors who cannot otherwise fulfill a graduation requirement. Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair, & associate dean.

Offered: fall & spring.