Canisius Experience - GRIF

GRIF 102 Scholars in Action 0 Credits

This course is intended to provide first-year HEOP students with a set of skills and knowledge aimed at ensuring their success during their college career. The material presented in the class is geared towards providing students with effective study skills and strategies, improving your organization and goal-setting ability, and helping you become more aware of the services offered on campus for your benefit.

Offered: every fall.

GRIF 201 Griffin Transfer Experience 1 Credit

A program specifically designed for first semester transfer students to make the transition to a new environment successful and prepare students to take full advantage of the many new opportunities and resources available to them throughout their college experience. The facilitators will explain core curriculum, introduce academic resources, address student performance, and discuss transitional topics throughout the sessions.

Offered: every fall & spring.

GRIF 203 Major Matters: Taking the Mystery Out of Choosing your Major 0 Credits

In six weeks, find out about your personality type, discover your interests and explore your strengths. Learn how to use these attributes to pick a major that will not only interest you, but will provide the foundation for a satisfying career. At the end of the class, students will be able to: identify their personality type, career interests, and strengths; identify at least one major that could be a good fit for their personality, interests and strengths; identify career paths for their selected major; and understand the meaning of a liberal arts education and transferable skills that are sought after in today's job market.

Offered: two, six week sessions every spring.

GRIF 222 Test1 1 Credit


Offered: every fall.