Global Study of Religion-IGSR

IGSR 300 Immersion East Side Seminar 3 Credits

The Immersion East Side seminar is designed to expose Canisius students to the diverse, unfamiliar religious, cultural, political, economic environments of the largely low-income African-American neighborhoods of Buffalo's East Side. In addition to 10 days of intensive engagement with the people and institutions of the East Side, students will complete relevant reading assignments, journal about their experiences, write reaction papers, and participate in daily reflections sessions. During the fall semester they will meet at regular times to develop and implement justice-related projects stemming from the Immersion.

Prerequisite: RST 101

Fulfills College Core: Field 1 (Religious Studies and Theology), Justice

IGSR 302 Jesuits in Argentina 3 Credits

This course introduces the history and development of the Jesuit mission in Latin America, particularly in Argentina, and to Jesuit involvement and legacy in education, culture, the arts, and society in this region of the world. The course engages in interdisciplinary understanding (and critical assessment) of the lasting effects of Jesuit thought, activities, and organization in Argentina. An important goal of the course is to identify patterns of continuity and change in Jesuit understanding of justice from the sixteenth century to the present, and how those ideas informed their actions and the different models of education that Jesuits provided and still offer today in Latin America. Class meets several times during the spring semester, when students complete relevant reading assignments in preparation for the travel component of the course. This course is a joint venture with Campus Ministry.

Prerequisite: RST 101 Restrictions: requires early application (previous fall), travel during summer, and additional fee.

Fulfills College Core: Field 1 (Religious Studies and Theology), Justice

Offered: generally offered in spring.

IGSR 306 Faith/Justice/Globalism in Phi 3 Credits

Additional Fee is required.

Prerequisite: RST 101

Fulfills College Core: Justice

IGSR 498 Internship 3 Credits

Internships require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: RST 101 and permission of the chair & associate dean.