Italian - ITA

ITA 103 Introductory Italian I 3 Credits

This course is intended for students with little or no knowledge of the Italian language and starts at an elementary level. The course will provide students with a basic knowledge of the grammar and structure of Italian with emphasis on oral communication and listening skills. Vocabulary will be introduced to enhance the everyday skills necessary for effective communication. Reading for comprehension as well as good writing skills will be stressed as an integral part of the course so as to further enhance the student’s ability to communicate. With today’s emphasis on global interdependence, cultural awareness will be explored through the use of visual media, guest speakers and other means which will further the student’s knowledge of Italian.

Offered: fall and spring.

ITA 104 Introductory Italian II 3 Credits

Continuation of ITA 103. Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Introduction to Italian culture. Course aim is for almost exclusive use of Italian in class.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in ITA 103 or permission of chair.

Offered: spring.

ITA 125 Italian Language Study Abroad 3 Credits

0-3 Credits Short-term study abroad Italian course in Italy. Open to all majors, regardless of knowledge of Italian. Consult with DMLLC faculty for specific information in any given year, including location and course fees. Participation must be approved by the chair. May fulfill SA requirements for IR or IB or other. Includes homestays, some excursions, and language classes.

Offered: summers, usually, or occasionally during January break.

ITA 215 Intermediate Italian 3 Credits

Continued development in writing, listening, speaking and especially reading Italian literary and cultural material. Comprehensive grammar review. Continued aim of almost exclusive use of Italian in class. Course may be offered via Study Abroad. Offered only occasionally. Please check with instructor and department chair for more information including travel fees.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in ITA 104.

Offered: occasionally.