Kinesiology - KIN

KIN 170 Emergency Care 3 Credits

Recognition and immediate care of common illnesses and injuries. Content meets National Safety Council requirements for Standard First Aid and CPR.

Offered: spring.

KIN 200 Athletic Taping and Bracing 3 Credits

Under development.

Offered: once a year.

KIN 235 Kinesiology 3 Credits

Scientific study of human movement, emphasizing the basic principles of musculoskeletal anatomy, neuromuscular physiology and biomechanics.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in both BIO 115 and BIO 115L.

Offered: fall & spring.

KIN 261 Injury/Illness Evaluation Techniques 3 Credits

Theoretical, practical, empirical study of lower extremity, lumbar spine, upper extremity, thorax, head and cervical spine diagnosis and associated illnesses. 50 hours of injury/illness evaluation observation in a sports medicine clinical setting required.

Prerequisite: KIN 200.

Offered: once a year.

KIN 300 Women's Health 3 Credits

A comprehensive overview of issues related to health in women, addressing areas including but not limited to biology, psychology, geographic, economics, health promotion, and social issues.

Offered: fall of odd-numbered years.

KIN 301 General Medicine Seminar 3 Credits

Theoretical, practical, empirical study of general medical conditions, commonly used diagnostics and interventions for the health care practitioner. Discussion of the physiologic changes that occur following injuries and illness. Discussion of indications, contraindications and legal issues.

Prerequisite: KIN 261.

Offered: once a year.

KIN 336 Physiology of Exercise 3 Credits

Effects of physical activity on the functioning human body. Restrictions on levels of physical activity by normal metabolic limitations. Lab required (KIN 336L) for Athletic Training and Health and Wellness majors.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in both BIO 115 & BIO 115L. Corequisite: KIN 336L.

Offered: fall on-campus, spring on-campus, & summer usually online.

KIN 336L Physiology of Exercise Lab 1 Credit

Laboratory experiences in physiology of exercise. This lab is required for Athletic Training and Health and Wellness majors.

Corequisite: KIN 336.

Offered: fall, spring, & summer.

KIN 342 Therapeutic Exercise & Modalities 3 Credits

Introduction to therapeutic exercise.

Prerequisite: KIN 235 & KIN 261.

Offered: once a year.

KIN 350 Organization and Administration of Health and Wellness 3 Credits

Organization and administration of health and wellness programs. Basic theories and philosophies of administration, along with the duties, functions and processes as related to problems and practices in health and wellness facilities.

Offered: fall.

KIN 401 Practicum in Sport & Exercise Health Care 3 Credits

Clinical experiences in sports medicine. Observation of and instruction provided by professionals from various allied healthcare fields, e.g., athletic training, chiropractic, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, etc. Experiences provide exposure to clinical practice of previously instructed sports medicine materials.

Prerequisite: KIN 342.

Offered: every fall & spring.

KIN 420 Strength & Conditioning Applications 3 Credits

Strength and conditioning applications as they apply to athletes and those involved in physical activity. Theory and practical application are included through hands on techniques and video analysis.

Prerequisite: admission to the strength and conditioning minor & minimum grade of C in KIN 235.

Offered: spring.

KIN 494 Capstone in Kinesiology 3 Credits

This seminar is a reflective course that is taken for students in the Department of Kinesiology. Students reflect on service excursions, review readings, debate related topics in kinesiology, and compose a final report on a topic in the profession laced with justice, diversity, ethical, and global issues.

Restriction: KIN department majors only.

Fulfills College Core: Core Capstone

Offered: fall & spring.

KIN 498 Internship in Health and Wellness 6 Credits

Field-based experience in a health and wellness related field. Requires a minimum of 240 clock hours over fifteen weeks. Program Director Signature Required. Fall/Spring/Summer

KIN 499 Independent Study in Kinesiology 3 Credits

Independent study with a Kinesiology faculty member with emphasis on research.

Prerequisite: signature of faculty member & kinesiology chair.

Offered: fall, spring, & summer.