Marketing - MKT

MKT 201 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits

Introduction to the concepts, issues and opportunities associated with marketing management. Marketing strategy, buyer behavior, new product development, product management, price, promotion and channel decisions within context of overall environment and the cornerstones of this course.

Offered: every fall & spring.

MKT 314 Retailing 3 Credits

The retailing industry is undergoing tremendous disruption with the explosive growth of e-commerce. Multi-channel retailing is becoming the norm and the marketing challenges are many, including delivery of omni-channel customer experiences. This course is a study of the many challenges in retail management today using one of the leading textbooks on the topic. Student activities in the course include midterm and final exams, assignments and discussions.

Prerequisite: MKT 201.

Offered: every summer.

MKT 320 Consumer Behavior 3 Credits

Application of concepts drawn from the behavioral sciences (i.e., anthropology, sociology and psychology) to provide insight into consumer decision-making and buyer behavior.

Prerequisite: MKT 201 or permission of instructor.

Offered: every fall.

MKT 350 Digital Marketing 3 Credits

This course aims to provide students with insight on how modern industry is adopting new emerging media and technologies as marketing tools. Many innovative and evolutionary technologies/media will be introduced, such as blogs, mobile media, in game advertising, virtual reality, hologram, touchscreen, social media, information kiosk in retail setting, including evolved formats of traditional media (e.g., 3-D TV, HD radio, and digital outdoor media). Formerly MKT 450.

Prerequisite: MKT 201.

MKT 370 Social Media Marketing 3 Credits

Exact topics to be covered depend on recent advances and applications in digital marketing and social media.

Prerequisite: MKT 201.

Offered: occasionally in fall.

MKT 371 Marketing Data Analytics 3 Credits

Use of software tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, to analyze marketing data and make informed decisions.

Prerequisite: MKT 201.

Offered: every spring.

MKT 375 International Marketing 3 Credits

Issues involved in marketing products in global markets. The focus is on identifying opportunities in world markets and adapting strategies to fit specific national market needs. Formerly MKT 475.

Prerequisite: MKT 201 or permission of instructor.

Fulfills College Core: Global Awareness

Offered: every spring.

MKT 397 Search Marketing: SEO & PPC 3 Credits

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become one of the most important marketing strategies for business organizations. SEM involves a variety of techniques designed to increase a company's visibility on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The course will cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies involving website development and web analytics as well as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies using advertising programs like Google AdWords. As companies increasingly compete to drive customers to their websites, the skills covered in the course are becoming essential for modern marketing professionals and web designers.

Prerequisite: MKT 201.

Offered: occasionally in spring.

MKT 401 Cases in Marketing Management 3 Credits

Case analysis is used to apply advanced practices and policies concerning product, price, promotion and supply chain marketing to marketing decision making.

Prerequisite: FIN 201, ACC 201, ACC 202, MGT 325 (or either MGT 335 or MGT 336), MKT 201, & MKT 320.

Offered: every fall.

MKT 405 Service Marketing 3 Credits

Excelling in service management, from delivery to recovery, is the foundation for success in many industries today. The focus of this course is on the knowledge needed to develop and maintain strong customer relationships that improve customer satisfaction and retention. Customer satisfaction and retention are drivers of success for industries such as financial services, professional services, transportation, healthcare and hospitality industries.

Prerequisite: MKT 201.

Offered: occasionally.

MKT 446 Global Marketing Strategy 3 Credits

Marketing in the global environment.

Offered: every spring.

MKT 478 Global Logistics 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to global logistics and the transportation aspects of the distribution of goods. The advantages and disadvantages of the different modes of transportation and their impact on business decisions are explored in detail. Counts as a Marketing elective.

Prerequisite: MKT 201 & either MGT 325 or MGT 336.

Offered: Ocassionally

MKT 496 Marketing Internship 1-6 Credits

All for-credit internships require non-routine job experience that links academic concepts with practical experience. Involve supervision by faculty and student demonstration of academic value through papers and reports.

Prerequisite: student must complete a WSB Internship Application and obtain the approval of a faculty supervisor, department chair, & associate dean.

MKT 497 Fashion Industry Studies 15 Credits

This course is for students in the Fashion Institute of Technology Program and attending F.I.T. during the fall and spring semester.

Prerequisite: approval of chair or FIT coordinator.

Offered: every fall & spring.

MKT 498 FIT Internship II 15 Credits

This course is for students in the Fashion Institute of Technology Program and attending F.I.T. during the spring semester.

Prerequisite: approval of chair or FIT coordinator.

MKT 499 Marketing Independent Study/Research 3 Credits

Study and work with a faculty supervisor. Project to be determined by faculty agreement. Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: student must complete a WSB Independent Study Application and obtain permission of a faculty supervisor, department chair, & the associate dean.