Sociology - SOC

SOC 100 The Architecture of Identity: Sociological and Literary Perspectives 3 Credits

What shapes our cultural and personal identities? What is the interplay of cultural and personal identities? How do we know? The theme of identity is central to any society and one we consistently consider along the pathways of our individual lives. It is a particular theme for those entering college and looking for a pathway to their future. This interdisciplinary course explores the social construction of identity in the hope that the intellectual issues we engage will give rise to personal insights for those looking for the most rewarding pathway forward in life. We will rely on a sociological approach to create a research-based perspective on what we have learned on the social construction of identity. What stories does the research reveal? At the same time, we will rely on the humanities-- including fiction, literary non-fiction, memoir, documentary and film, media and art-- to further illustrate the cultural narratives of identity that sociological research reveals as validating or denying and marginalizing us as individuals.

Prerequisite: None. Corequisite: None.

Offered: every fall.

SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3 Credits

Topics include theory, methods, culture, socialization, race and ethnicity, groups and organizations, and social inequality; analysis of everyday events, using sociological imagination.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences)

Offered: fall.

SOC 111 Contemporary Social Problems 3 Credits

Exploration of selected social problems from various sociological points of view, emphasizing some of the sociological concepts and methods employed in analyzing these problems.

Fulfills College Core: Diversity, Field 5 (Social Sciences)

Offered: spring.

SOC 220 Identity and Society 3 Credits

This course will encourage students to engage in critical dialogues about racial, ethnic, class, nation, gender, and sexual identities. The students will examine the ways in which social identities are socially reproduced, transformed and re-interpreted, both historically and contemporarily.

Offered: spring of even-numbered years.

SOC 234 Environment and Society 3 Credits

Explores connections between environmental issues and their social causes and consequences. Topics of analysis include environmental racism, environmental health, risk and uncertainty, political economy, globalization and sustainability.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences)

Offered: spring.

SOC 273 Social Movements and Social Change 3 Credits

Explores the development of social movements as a force of social change in society. Focus is on theoretical developments in movement theory, as well as explorations of social movements through history.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences), Justice

Offered: spring.

SOC 291 Gender and Society 3 Credits

Exploration of origin of gender roles; socialization into masculine and feminine roles; intersection of gender and social institutions such as family, work and education.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences)

SOC 300 Special Topics in Sociology 3 Credits

Critical examination of a selected topic in sociology. Subject matter determined by the instructor.

SOC 315 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for the Social Sciences 3 Credits

This course will introduce students to basic mapmaking skills using the program ArcGIS, and the ways that those skills can be applied to the study of human society, relationships, and environments. By the end of this course, students will know how to find or create geographic data, build a spatial data base, and analyze that data to answer specific research or predictive questions. Students will also consider the principles of cartography, design, and storytelling which contribute to an effective map, and will produce a map project by the end of the course.

Prerequisites: none.

Offered: every spring.

SOC 324 Visual Sociology 3 Credits

Emphasizes a visual approach to analyzing social concepts. Analysis of visual media forms to explore core ideas in sociology such as gender, race, environment, social class, family and global diversity.

Offered: spring.

SOC 340 Sociology of the City 3 Credits

Exploration of how people experience and understand city life, how cities grow and develop, and various issues affecting cities today such as suburbanization and urban sprawl.

SOC 341 Race and Ethnicity 3 Credits

Focus is on issues surrounding race and ethnicity in the United States, including the social construction of race and ethnicity, prejudice and discrimination, unequal opportunity structures, and the racial/ethnic makeup of the U.S. and global population.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences)

Offered: fall of even-numbered years.

SOC 342 Quantitative Research Methods 3 Credits

Overview of the major steps in constructing social science research, from developing a research question, operationalization and measurement through quantitative data collection and analysis.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in MAT 131.

Offered: fall.

SOC 355 Deviant Behavior 3 Credits

Students will explore how societies define some behaviors and characteristics as deviant as well as explanations of social deviance, how societies and groups respond to social deviance. Alternative social science theories about such behavior are compared and contrasted. Research methodologies and findings in recent social-science literature are examined and interpreted.

SOC 375 Ethnography and Culture 3 Credits

Research designs from a qualitative perspective, including field research, participant observation, content analysis, ethnography, and focus groups. Analysis and reporting of qualitative data.

Offered: every fall.

SOC 385 International Migration 3 Credits

This course is an examination of the issues arising from the movement of peoples across national boundaries, including labor migration, illegal migration, forced migration, and trafficking.

Prerequisite: SOC 110. Restrictions: Junior or Senior standing.

Offered: every other fall.

SOC 390 Life Course and Family 3 Credits

Covers family development from relationship formation through the life course which may include marriage, divorce and remarriage. Includes sexuality, sexual orientation, cohabitation, parenting and the intersection between the family and major social institutions.

Offered: spring of even-numbered years.

SOC 432 Theories in Sociology 3 Credits

Course emphasizes theory development as a tool to understand society. Focuses on major social theorists and their contributions as well as classical and modern theoretical schools in sociology.

Restriction: must be a sociology major or minor with junior or senior standing.

Offered: every fall.

SOC 461 Sociology Capstone 1 Credit

Integrating experience for majors; focus is on demonstrating proficiency in the discipline and preparation for post-graduate studies or employment.

Offered: spring.

SOC 498 Internship 2-4 Credits

Opportunity for students to participate in the daily work of an agency or organization. Internships require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: minimum GPA of 2.75, signature of instructor, and approval by both the chair & associate dean.

Offered: fall & spring.

SOC 499 Independent Study 1-3 Credits

Independent studies allow in-depth study of a specific topic and are most often reserved for seniors who cannot otherwise fulfill a graduation requirement. Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair, & associate dean.

Offered: fall & spring.