Special Education - SPE

SPE 291 Nature and Needs of CH Students with Learning Disabilities 3 Credits

Describes the effect of mild disabilities on childhood. Focuses on collaborative strategies for parental involvement. Highlights the CSE process, placement options and instructional strategies in grades one to six. Requires 20 hours field placement.

Corequisite: SPE 292.

Offered: every spring.

SPE 292 Remedial Strategies in the Childhood Content Areas 3 Credits

Describes appropriate techniques and materials for instruction to students with disabilities and those at risk of failure. Emphasizes assistive technology for students in childhood classrooms across the curriculum.

Corequisite: SPE 291.

Offered: every spring.

SPE 311 Nature/Needs of Childhood Students with Intellectual Disabilities & Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 Credits

Describes effects of MR and other developmental disabilities on childhood. Focuses on collaborative strategies for parental involvement. Highlights instructional strategies for grades 1-6 across the continuum of services. Requires 20 hours field placement.

Prerequisites: SPE 291 & SPE 292. Corequisite: EDU 356.

Offered: every fall.

SPE 330 Nature/Needs of Childhood Students with Behavioral Disorders 3 Credits

Describes the effect of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders on children and their families. Highlights NYSED Regulations, collaboration and instructional strategies to address academic and behavioral issues. Requires 20 hours of field placement.

Prerequisites: SPE 311 & EDU 356. Corequisite: ECCH 412.

Offered: every spring.

SPE 341 Inclusive Strategies 3 Credits

Highlights best practices in general education for students with disabilities. Illustrates current developments in special education. Emphasizes collaboration.

Fulfills College Core: Diversity

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

SPE 432 Seminar in Teaching and Assessment 3 Credits

Includes practica and seminars that focus on professional reflection and topics related to classroom management, increasing family involvement, teaching to higher standards and assessment at the special education-childhood level. Requires 50 hours of field placement.

Fulfills College Core: Oral Communication

SPE 493 Supervised Student Teaching 12 Credits

Highlights knowledge, skills and dispositions of professional educators. One full-time 7-week placement in each childhood and special education-childhood classroom requires candidates to become the instructional reader under the supervision of cooperating teachers and college faculty.

Prerequisite: signature, minimum GPA of 2.70, minimum grade of C in each required education course, some schools may require certain health tests. Corequisite: EDU 497.

Offered: every spring.

SPE 495 Advanced Research Seminar in Autism 1-6 Credits

Advanced Research Seminar in Autism provides students with advanced clinical and research training in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The course consists of two distinct but interrelated components including (1) classroom instruction and applied training in evidence-based treatment for children with ASD and (2) hands-on research experience during studies being conducted. Students will learn about ASD and evidence-based treatments, and participate in various studies involving high-functioning youth with ASD. Students also serve as a member of a professional research team..

SPE 499 Independent Study 3 Credits

Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair, & associate dean.