International Business (BS)

Director: Coral Snodgrass, PhD


The forces of globalization have had a dramatic impact on the business world. There have been so many global changes in the business world that people now often say that “doing business” is really doing “international business.” The sheer volume of business that is being addressed is massive in scale. As an example, over $1 billion worth of goods and services are traded each day between the United States and Canada! It is easy to see why companies today are in great need of people who know how to move money around the world, how to find new customers or where in the world to find the best suppliers. These are the skills that you will acquire by studying within the International Business major.

International Business Major

The International Business major at Canisius is unique in the Western New York area because it combines the study of international business topics with those in the realms of modern language studies and international experience. The goals of the program are to help students to understand: (1) what happens in business when an international border is crossed; (2) how business changes when a language other than English is being used; and (3) how to cross an international border when doing business.

For a more detailed description of the program, faculty, facilities, academic and co-curricular opportunities please go to the International Business Program webpage.


Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their major and a 2.0 overall GPA to graduate with a degree in International Business. All students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate.


All students should have an advisor in the major and should contact the department directly to have an advisor assigned if they do not already have one.  Meetings with academic advisors are required prior to students receiving their PIN for course registration each semester. All majors should work closely with their advisor in discussing career expectations, choosing their major electives, developing their entire academic program and planning their co-curricular or supplemental academic experiences.

Minors in Other Disciplines

Minors provide students the opportunity to pursue additional interests but generally do not require as many courses as a major.  Minors generally range from five to eight required courses. The minors page provides a complete list of minors and provides links to each minor. Some majors and minors can be completed within the minimum 120 credit hour degree requirement, but in some cases additional coursework may be required. Students must complete the appropriate minor request form.

Double Majors

Students who wish to expand their educational opportunities may decide to declare a double major. The decision may be based on career goals or planned graduate studies. Before a student declares a double major, it is important to meet with the appropriate academic departments for advisement. Some double major combinations can be completed within the minimum 120 credit hour degree requirement, but in some cases additional course work may be required. In order to declare a double major, the student must complete the appropriate double major request form and get the signature of each department chairperson and the appropriate associate dean.  Please note that students will receive only one degree, regardless of the number of majors they complete.


An Ignatian Foundation

All undergraduate students must complete either the Canisius Core Curriculum or the All-College Honors Curriculum. Many schools refer to their college-wide undergraduate requirements as "general education" requirements. We believe that the core curriculum and the honors curriculum are more than a series of required classes; they provide the basis for a Jesuit education both with content and with required knowledge and skills attributes that are central to our mission.

Free Electives

Students may graduate with more but not less than 120 credit hours. Free electives are courses in addition to the Canisius Core Curriculum or All-College Honors Curriculum and major requirements sufficient to reach the minimum of 120 credit hours required for graduation.

Major Requirements

Business Core
Required courses for all business majors49-51
Additional Major Requirements
IBUS 301Fundamentals of International Business3
MKT 375International Marketing3
ECO 460International Trade3
or FIN 465 International Banking&Finance
MGT 472Comparative Management Systems3
Elective Requirements
International Business Electives (3 Courses)9
Language Requirement: all students are required to complete a modern language sequence through the 217 level. 6
Total Credits76-78

Major Electives

The courses below have been approved for use as International Business Electives.
International Business Seminar
Global Supply Chain Management
Doing Business in Latin America
Global Logistics
Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
Human Rights and Globalization
Politics in Latin America
European Union
Political Economy of the Developing World
Politics of Identity in Europe
Cultural Psychology
International Migration

Major Experiences

Study Abroad Requirement: all students are required to complete a study abroad experience. This usually takes the form of a semester abroad during the second semester of the junior year. Alternative programs during the summer are also available. It is not necessary that the language a student has studied be the one spoken in the country in which the student studies abroad.  Two of the courses taken during the study abroad experience will also count toward the International Business Requirement in the Business Core curriculum. 


Recommended Semester Schedule for Major Course Requirements

ENG 111ENG 112
Select one of the following:MAT 106 (or A&S elective if MAT 109, MAT 111 or MAT 115 was taken in the fall.)
MAT 105 or MAT 109, MAT 111, or MAT 115PHI 101
RST 101ECO 102
ECO 101Business International Requirement (a 216 Level Modern Language Course)
Business International Requirement (a 215 Level Modern Language Course) 
MKT 201FIN 201
ACC 201ACC 202
Field of Knowledge 4 - HistoryField of Knowledge 3 – Arts
ECO 255 (Mathematics Field)ECO 256
ISB 101MGT 101
IBUS 301MGT 472
MGT 325IBUS Elective
ECO 460MKT 375
Field of Knowledge 6 - ScienceField of Knowledge 2 - Philosophy
Field of Knowledge 1 - ReligionA&S Elective
MGT 370MGT 446
IBUS ElectiveIBUS Elective
Free ElectiveFree Elective
Core CapstoneA&S Elective
A&S ElectiveA&S Elective

Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1:   Students will analyze the international environments in which businesses operate.

Students will be able to:

  • Objective A: Examine the elements of societal culture, especially ethics and social responsibility
  • Objective B: Identify the critical aspects of the external environment that must be modified when expanding from a domestic to an international market

Student Learning Goal 2:   Students will model the data from the international environments to support decision making.

Students will be able to:

  • Objective A: Integrate the complex aspects of the international environment into a cohesive decision model.
  • Objective B: Find, analyze, and apply international data

Student Learning Goal 3:   Students will solve problems related to international competition.

Students will be able to:

  • Objective A: Perform international marketing screening processes
  • Objective B: Apply models for analyzing competitive positioning in order to develop international market opportunities


IBUS 301 Fundamentals of International Business 3 Credits

Study of the international dimensions of the basic functional areas of business. The course begins with a study of the comparative advantage of nations; progresses through the functional areas of accounting, finance, management and marketing; ending with the design of strategies for success in international markets.

IBUS 496 International Business Internship 3 Credits

Internships require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: student must complete a WSB Internship Application and obtain permission of a faculty supervisor, department chair, & the associate dean.

IBUS 499 International Business Independent Study 1-3 Credits

Study and work with a faculty supervisor. Project to be determined by faculty agreement. Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: student must complete a WSB Independent Study Application and obtain permission of a faculty supervisor, department chair, & the associate dean.

Required Courses from Other Programs

MKT 375 International Marketing 3 Credits

Issues involved in marketing products in global markets. The focus is on identifying opportunities in world markets and adapting strategies to fit specific national market needs. Formerly MKT 475.

Prerequisite: MKT 201 or permission of instructor.

Fulfills College Core: Global Awareness

Offered: spring.

ECO 460 International Trade 3 Credits

Theory and practice of international trade, why countries trade, what explains the patterns of trade, and what are the effects of trade on a country's welfare and income distribution. Analysis of international trade policies and their implications.

Prerequisite: ECO 101 & ECO 102.

Fulfills College Core: Global Awareness

MGT 472 Comparative Management Systems 3 Credits

International business emphasizing differences in systems. Context and traditions in different countries and regions: social, political, governmental, business, labor, ethical, cultural analysis. Different management and business practices. Managing and doing business within and across many countries. Counts as a MGT elective.

Prerequisite: MGT 101 or permission of instructor.

Offered: spring.