Conservation Minor

The conservation minor is designed for students who want to expand their experience in conservation biology, education, and ecology to prepare for conservation-related careers.

This minor is available to students in any major.

The conservation minor consists of 6 courses.

Choose 2 of the following courses:
BIO 322Conservation Biology3
ABEC 333Conservation Behavior3
ABEC 335Conservation Education3
Plus at least one class from each of the following 4 tracks:
Track 1: Skills3-4
Field Ecology
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in South Africa
Internship in Conservation
Internship 1
Internship 2
Conservation Education 1
Track 2: Applications3-4
Recreational Ecology
Urban Ecology
Community Ecology
Population and Conservation Genetics
Conservation Biology 1
Conservation Behavior 1
Track 3: Conservation History3-4
Nature, Culture and Interpretation
Environmental History of the United States
Track 4: Social Science3-4
Environmental Communication
Environment and Society
Conservation Psychology
Canisius Ambassadors for Conservation

 Can be taken as a track if not taken as one of the required courses.