Cell and Molecular Biology Minor

Coordinator: Lisa Morey, PhD

The Cell and Molecular minor is open to students majoring in biology or chemistry. For students seeking employment at the BS level, a Departmental “Letter of Proficiency in Laboratory Skills” may be requested upon completion of the minor. This letter requires enrollment in either BIO 300 or BIO 301 and the passing of a laboratory skills competency exam given by the instructor.

Students must select six courses from the list below. At least four of the six courses must be taken with a laboratory, and no more than four courses and three laboratories may come from one of the two areas: either the Cell or Genetics/Molecular area.

Cell Area

BIO 340Physiology3
BIO 414Enzymes and Proteins3
BIO 418Endocrinology3
BIO 419Cell Biology3
BIO 425Cellular Neurobiology3
BIO 426Immunochemistry3
BIO 432Developmental Biology3
BIO 435Developmental Neurobiology3
BIO 440Medical Biochemistry3

Genetics / Molecular Area

BIO 404Genetics3
BIO 408Biotechnology, Theory in Practice4
BIO 424Epigenetics and Disease3
BIO 444Cancer Biology3
BIO 450Molecular Biology3