School Psychology Minor

Open to Psychology majors or non-majors with appropriate background coursework, this minor focuses on psychology's role in the field of education. Students gain knowledge of psychological development, applied behavior change, and different types of psychological and educational assessment. The required practicum experience must take place in a school setting. This minor is of particular value to students interested in education, testing or working with children.


PSY 201Basic Statistics for Behavioral Sciences3
PSY 203Lifespan Developmental Psychology3
PSY 370Introduction to School Psychology3
or PSY 334 Child, Family and Community Psychology
PSY 373Behavior Modification3
PSY 395Assessment in the Behavioral Sciences3
Psychology Practicum in School Psychology3
Total Credits18

Non Psychology Majors must first complete PSY 101 and PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology I and II and then proceed to the 6 required courses.