Professional and Technical Studies (BS)

Director: Sandra McKenna


The Professional and Technical Studies (PTS) completion degree is designed for graduates with an Associate’s degree from accredited community or technical colleges to transfer into Canisius with a total of 60 credit hours. Canisius will also accept applicants who have not completed a two-year degree. The number of transfer credits accepted will be determined on a case-to-case basis. All students will be required to fulfill the minimum of 120 credits needed to earn a bachelor’s degree. The completion of the Canisius core curriculum will be required within those credit hours. The Canisius core curriculum is an interdisciplinary study of science, social science, and humanities that best represents the goals and values of a Jesuit education. The balance of the core curriculum will be free elective courses, which a student may use in multiple ways to their advantage. While completing the minimum of 120 credit hours within the core curriculum and free electives, at least 36 credit hours must be completed at the 300 – 400 course level.


Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their major and a 2.0 overall average to fulfill requirements for graduation.


All students will have access to full advisement services. Students should work closely with their advisors in discussing career expectations, choosing their electives, and developing their academic program.


General Education Requirements

All undergraduate students must complete either the Canisius Core Curriculum or the All-College Honors Curriculum.

Free Electives

Free electives are courses in addition to the Core Curriculum and may be used to complete a minor, to satisfy prerequisites for advanced study, or to design a course of study to achieve their professional goals. The decision may be based on career goals or planned graduate studies. Minors provide students the opportunity to pursue additional interests but generally do not require as many courses as a major.  Minors generally range from five to eight required courses. The minors page provides a complete list of minors and provides links to each minor. Some majors and minors can be completed within the minimum 120 credit hour degree requirement, but in some cases additional coursework may be required.