Adolescence Education - EDAD

EDAD 502 Foundations of Adolescent Literacy 3 Credits

The theoretical and practical approaches to teaching skills of literacy in a variety of disciplines will be addressed. This course focuses on three strands of literacy teaching for adolescent students: Strategies for developing reading and writing skills in all secondary content areas, methods for teaching reading and writing in inquiry projects and problem based learning and pedagogical practices for integrating critical literacy in all secondary classrooms. Includes language acquisition and literacy development by native English speakers and students who are English Language learners. Also includes skill in developing the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of all students. 20 hours of field experience required.

Offered: every fall.

EDAD 534 Assessment of Student Learning 3 Credits

This course focuses on impacting student learning using contemporary practices of assessment and assessment-driven instructional planning. Varied assessment measures, especially authentic assessments based on real world tasks will be emphasized. A range of assessment tools to measure and document student learning and growth will be used to drive subsequent instructional planning. 30 hour field experience

Offered: every spring.

EDAD 535 Learning and Human Development: Adolescence 3 Credits

This course focuses on understanding the learning process, both as it develops in the adolescent learner and as it exists in the social setting of the classroom. Topics will include influential learning theories and developmental approaches, cognition, information processing, problem-solving, motivation and classroom management. Skills in applying this understanding to real-life situations will be stressed. Research findings are integrated with each topic. Emphasis is upon grades 7 - 12.

Offered: every spring.

EDAD 572 Pedagogical Strategies and Methods 3 Credits

This course focuses on traditional and contemporary methods of teaching dialogical, collaborative lessons. The use of multimodal and digital tools for developing content area lessons and units will be emphasized. Individual Sections focus on specific content areas. 30 hours of field experience

Offered: every spring.

EDAD 573 Applied Content Literacies and Methods 3 Credits

This course combines theory and reflective practice to integrate and apply curricular, instructional, and evaluative skills in unit planning (aligned with state/national subject-specific standards). Methods for culturally relevant teaching as well as content-specific topics will be emphasized. Fifty (50) hours of field experience will be required. Individual sections focus on specific content areas.

Prerequisites: EDAD 572.

Offered: every fall.

EDAD 593 Student Teaching: Adolescence 1-9 Credits

Requires two supervised teaching placements in schools appropriate to certification level and includes experience in high- needs schools or schools serving socio-economically disadvantaged students.

Prerequisite: successful completion of required education courses and an overall QPA of 3.0. Some school districts may require tuberculosis or other health tests.

Offered: occasionally.

EDAD 594 Student Teaching Seminar 0 Credits

Student Teaching Seminar enhances the student teaching experience through opportunities to foster professional growth and guided reflection on planning, instruction and assessment of learning. The course provides a professional learning community to assist candidates in the transition to careers in teaching.

Offered: occasionally.

EDAD 599 Independent Study 3-6 Credits

Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair, & associate dean.