Management - MGT

MGT 512 Principles of Management 1.5 Credits

Overview of key management principles and frameworks in planning, organizing, leading and controlling an organization. Topics covered include, but are not limited to,: developing a strategy, ethical decision-making, innovation and change management, managing in a global environment, organizational structures and authority, managing teams and human resources, theories on leadership, motivation and communication, and operations processes, will be introduced

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

MGT 605 Organizational Behavior 3 Credits

As individuals who are working or expect to work in organizations, and those potentially interested in management positions, exploring and understanding the multitude of ways employees behave in organizations is vital. As noted in our textbook, “the people make the place” (section 1.1). As a current and/or future decision maker in an organization, improving your managerial skills is critical. In fact, Peter Drucker has written that as individuals move up the organizational ladder, human relations skills (leadership, teamwork, motivation, etc.) become paramount. This course will sharpen your knowledge about how to become a better manager/leader by helping you understand yourself and the behaviors of employees within organizations. We accomplish this by concentrating on three different perspectives: individuals in the organization, groups in the organization, and the organizational system.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

MGT 607 Operations Management & Sustainability 3 Credits

Operations management involves the planning, coordinating and executing of all activities that create goods and services while taking into account the Triple Bottom Line. This course will examine the economic, environmental, and social impacts of decision-making in the following areas: operations strategy, process strategy, quality management, facilities layout, inventory management, lean systems, and demand and capacity planning.

Prerequisite: MGT 512.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

MGT 620 Global Management Strategy 3 Credits

Global Management Strategy is about strategic challenges confronting managers and firms expanding their horizons from local to global markets and resources. Its objective is to help students to understand the various aspects of strategic management that are specific to the global context. This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for creating, sustaining and renewing competitive advantages within a global context. Global Management Strategy introduces the key concepts, frameworks and principles required for an MNC (multinational company) to successfully engage in business activities in several, often disparate countries, cultures and markets.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 641 Human Resource Management 3 Credits

This course examines the critical functions and roles of human resource management (HRM) in complex organizations. Topics include the legal implications of HRM, job analysis and design, HR planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, and employee and labor relations. Most significantly, the course looks at managing people and the employment relationship from a strategic perspective.

Offered: every fall & spring.

MGT 642 Global Supply Chain Management 3 Credits

Supply Chain Management addresses the integrated management of the set of value-added activities from product development, through material procurement from vendors, through manufacturing and distribution of the good to the final customer. The course will address inventory movement within the supply chain, network configuration and location, capacity and demand management, the value of information, strategic alliance, new product development and technology and information impact in a global environment.

Prerequisite: MBA 507 or MGT 507 or MGT 607.

Offered: every fall.

MGT 645 Fundamentals of International Business 3 Credits

This course introduces students to the aspects of business that change when an international border is crossed. Students examine the functional areas of business -- accounting, finance, economics, marketing and management -- and develop an understanding of the nature of competition in this complex environment.

Offered: fall.

MGT 649 Labor Relations 3 Credits

This course introduces the student to the development, structure and process of labor relations in the United States. While the main focus will be on the private sector, some attention will be paid to the public sector, especially in the areas of the law and dispute settlement. Topics covered are labor history, labor law, union administration, the organizing process, collective bargaining, contract administration, labor disputes and their resolution, labor-management cooperation, and current issues.

Prerequisite: MBA 502 or MGT 502.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 651 Corporate Entrepreneurship 3 Credits

Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 652 Launching and Growing Entrepreneurship Ventures 3 Credits

Identify and evaluate an idea, assess the market, business planning and analysis applied to launching and growing entrepreneurial ventures. Topics include the lean launch pad, business plan, starting a small business, competitive analysis, strategic and managerial analyses, understand the process of raising capital and how to speak to investors, and professional presentation methods. The class also provides interactive and entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurship professionals.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 664 Global Marketing Strategy 3 Credits

This course provides students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the design and implementation of a global strategy by concentrating on the decision areas most impacted by a firm’s activities in the global marketplace. The course first explores how decisions on product, pricing, promotion and distribution are shaped by the international environments. Those decision areas are then integrated into an overall global strategy.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 667 Negotiation Theory and Practice 3 Credits

Explores formal and informal ways that managers negotiate differences. The course considers negotiation with peers, supervisors, subordinates, suppliers, customers, outside agencies and others as a key managerial process and a component of effective leadership. It takes a broad view of negotiations, examining the links between effective negotiation processes and influence, communication and relationship-management. We will examine research and concepts developed in a number of academic fields, and look closely at personal skills and experiences. The course requires intense involvement in negotiation simulation exercises, and thoughtful application of theory and research.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 668 IT Tools & Supply Chain Management 3 Credits

The course is intended to provide the graduate business student with an understanding of key concepts and range of automated tools employed in solving supply change management problems. MS Excel is stressed.

Prerequisite: MBA 506 or MKT 506.

Offered: occasionally.

MGT 669 Multicultural Leadership 3 Credits

This course emphasizes the understanding of the skills that ethical and effective global business leaders need to have in order to manage the multiple cultural environments of international corporations. Students are tasked with the design of global leadership development programs for Graduate Business Programs and Corporations in order to demonstrate their understanding of the skills sets required.

Offered: every summer.

MGT 673 Comparative Management 3 Credits

This course emphasizes the students' development as international managers and their understanding of the various environments within which they will be competing. Students study the impact of culture and value differences on the functional aspects of management -- communication, negotiation, decision making, control, and human resources -- and develop strategies for managing them in the international marketplace.

Offered: every spring.

MGT 686 Doing Business in the European Union 3 Credits

This course is designed to prepare students to do business in the EU. Students examine the forces leading to the development and the implementation of the unique economic and political unit called the European Union. Students use their understanding of the history and the current issues impacting the continuing development of the European Union to develop strategies for doing business in the European Union.

Restriction: includes a one-week field experience in Europe during spring break.

Offered: every spring.

MGT 690 Strategic Management and Leadership 3 Credits

Strategic Management can be characterized as a set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long run performance of a corporation. It includes environmental scanning (external and internal to the corporation), strategy formulation, strategy implementation and evaluation and control. Using cases drawn from actual business situations, the course develops skills in (1) diagnosing the overall condition of a company or organization, with emphasis on its financial situation; (2) perceiving and analyzing evolving environmental trends, seeking new opportunities for the organization and new threats against it; (3) understanding those specific company skills that give it advantages over the competition and weaknesses that hinder its competitive position; (4) identifying and evaluating the strategic alternatives that are feasible for a given situation; (5) matching skills with opportunities, and relating them to one or more strategic alternatives in determining strategy and setting objectives; and (6) developing detailed policies and plans, and implementing them. The study of strategic management, therefore, emphasizes the monitoring and evaluating the external opportunities and threats in light of a corporation’s strengths and weaknesses. We will build on insights developed in other courses, such as Understanding General Management, Managerial Economics, Managing Organizational Behavior, Finance and Marketing Strategy. We will explore and apply tools developed by world-renowned scholars that are taught at business schools all over the world, and add our own unique Jesuit perspective, to arrive at insights that are both applicable in the business world and deeply rooted in a thorough academic understanding. Hence, this is an integrative course in that the tools and skills learned in other required courses are needed to develop practical company-wide general management decisions. Since few students become general managers immediately upon graduation, Strategic Management includes a series of cases, simulations, and/or consulting projects on the role of the new functional, business and corporate/global managers in formulating and implementing strategies.

Prerequisite: ACC 505, ECO 511, MGT 512, MGT 605, MKT 604, FIN 608, MGT 607, BUS 601, BUS 602.

Offered: every fall, spring, & summer.

MGT 699 Management Independent Study 3 Credits

Management Independent Study

Offered: occasionally.