Students come with diverse needs and varied backgrounds. Canisius University believes that this diversity calls for individualized assistance as students develop into self-directed, independent learners.  Thus the University provides a variety of resources to help students tailor their advisement and support to their individual needs. Major advisement is embedded within the academic programs, and each student is assigned a major advisor within the academic department.  In addition, the Griff Center for Student Success provides students with comprehensive programs, services, and resources to support student academic and career success and a transformative learning experience grounded in our Catholic, Jesuit mission. The Griff Center is a hub for academic support and career advising and has professional staff ready to assist students in their academic and professional development. The goal of the Center is to provide students with the academic support and assistance they need to become successful lifelong learners. The professional staff in the Griff Center helps students recognize their academic strengths and weaknesses, establish educational goals and career plans, and identify the appropriate majors, courses, and resources that are necessary to achieve their academic success.

Freshman Placement

First-Year Writing Placement

The First-Year Writing Program in conjunction with the Griff Center screens incoming freshmen for appropriate placement in writing courses (ENG 111 or ENG 100). High school average, SAT, ACT, and high school English and Social Studies Regents scores are used to determine placement.

Mathematics Placement

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in conjunction with the Griff Center, screens incoming freshmen for appropriate placement in mathematics. High school average, SAT, ACT, and high school mathematics scores are used to determine the placement.

Advising Within the Major

Freshmen and transfer students who have declared a major will be assigned an academic advisor within the major.  These major advisors will help students with course selection each semester to help students remain on track to complete their degree.  Students must meet with their major advisor each semester to receive their PIN for course registration. Additionally, students should consult with their advisor if they change their registration to ensure the change does not affect their progress toward graduation. 

pathfinder (Undecided) Students

Students who are still deciding on a major will receive academic advisement and career services from the Griff Center until they declare a major.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students are required to meet with an advisor, and are encouraged to use the services of the Griff Center in selecting proper courses and understanding the resources that are available to assist them at the University.

Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students are registered through the Student Records and Financial Services Center. Those who are interested in matriculating at Canisius are welcome to meet with an advisor in the Griff Center.