In keeping with the university’s Jesuit mission to educate the whole person, the English Department strives to nurture intellectual and spiritual growth through the study of literature and the practice of writing. The department fosters academic excellence through a diverse and rigorous curriculum that serves all students at Canisius. The English department is vitally committed to student learning in the Canisius Core Curriculum.  Academic Writing (ENG 111) develops essential writing and critical skills, while Writing About Literature (ENG 112) studies literature as creative expression and builds critical and analytical skills through a writing process that includes a research assignment. In addition, the English department offers a range of literature and writing courses in the Core’s Breadth of Knowledge field for Literature and the Arts (Field 3). These courses, taught at all levels, emphasize the aesthetic value of the works studied. Several English courses also fulfill Core cross-disciplinary knowledge requirements (in diversity, justice. or global awareness) and Core cross-disciplinary skills requirements (in oral communication or advanced writing intensive).

The English Department offers two majors: English and Creative Writing. 


The English Department offers four minors: