Health & Physical Education - HED

HED 115 Basic Nutrition 3 Credits

This course will address all aspects of proper nutrition. The class will address material such as macronutrients, micronutrients, daily caloric intake and portion sizes. Students will gain knowledge of nutrition through class lectures, interactive activities and peer presentations. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have a working knowledge of proper nutrition and appropriate dietary habits.

Offered: fall & spring.

HED 205 Wellness and Fitness 3 Credits

Lecture and laboratory. Skills, teaching methods, resource units, evaluative instruments, teaching aids, leading to an overall understanding of the principles of health and wellness. Focus on physical fitness testing, cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. There is additional focus on special populations, childhood obesity and the development of a personal fitness program.

Prerequisite: BIO 114 & BIO 114L.

Offered: every fall & spring.

HED 220 Healthy Behaviors 3 Credits

Examines health determinants and the effects on all seven dimensions of health. Assessment of personal lifestyle behaviors and factors influencing current and relevant health issues. Emphasis on personal behavior modification to practice health-enhancing behaviors and to reduce health risks. Guidelines for healthy practices related to nutrition, mental health, cancer prevention, HIV/STDs, cardiovascular disease, stress management, sexuality, physical fitness, drugs and alcohol and relationships. Establishes foundation for living healthy and productive lives.

Offered: fall & spring.

HED 308 Early Field Experience Health 0 Credits

The teacher candidate will participate in K-12 school level health education. To successfully complete this experience the candidate will complete a 30 hour placement with an assigned local health educator.

Prerequisite: signature of program director. Restriction: permission of program director.

Offered: fall & spring.

HED 321 Lifeguard, C.P.R., First Aid, WSI 3 Credits

Knowledge, skill techniques and appreciations necessary to meet certification requirements of the American Red Cross. Certification fee required for this course.

Prerequisite: department swimming test and completion of departmental recommendation. Restriction: must be in the undergraduate or graduate must be physical education program.

Offered: fall.

HED 325 School Health 3 Credits

Students explores the most prevalent health and safety issues of schoolaged children and youth and examines rationale for health education, theories, methods, strategies, and techniques of health education program planning. Additionally, students will plan effective comprehensive school health education programs: integration of school and community services.

Restriction: must be physical education or physical and health education major.

Offered: spring.

HED 326 School Health Curriculum 3 Credits

Students will practice strategies and methodologies needed for effectively teaching health education. Students will participate in 50 hours of field experience, if they have not already done so, and will analyze experiences as a process to improving instruction. Students will demonstrate their ability to plan for instruction by writing and implementing learning experiences that meet the National Health Education Standards.

Restriction: must be physical education or physical and health education major.

Offered: fall.

HED 337 Exercise Principles and Applications 3 Credits

This course will address the many aspects of fitness and exercise. Students will experience classroom lecture as well as practical experience in the weight room and other alternative exercise facilities. Students will gain experience in the proper design of exercise programs and will understand the importance of periodization as it relates to exercise. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have a vast knowledge of the principles surrounding strength and conditioning.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in BIO 114 & BIO 114L.

Offered: fall & spring.

HED 361 Psychology of Sport and Mental Health 3 Credits

This course address sport psychology from a sports studies perspective incorporating interdisciplinary knowledge from the social sciences. It is an appropriate approach for many students seeking to understand the psychological processes facing athletes in a competitive environment. Considerable interest surrounds the efforts of sport psychologists to optimize the performance of those characters we call athletes - the sport heroes of our society. Superior athletic performance has long held great intrigue. Tremendous improvements in the identification and measurement of the psychological factors related to athletic performance have resulted in significant improvements in an athlete's ability to produce top level performance on a consistent basis. This course focuses on the application of these psychological principles by athletes, coaches and sport psychology consultants in what has been a quest to produce the ultimate athlete.

Fulfills College Core: Field 5 (Social Sciences)

Offered: fall & spring.

HED 425 Evolution of Disease and Illness 3 Credits

Overview of humanity's triumphs and failures in the ongoing fight against illness and disease. Explores history of disease, current health issues and trends to determine outlook for emerging health concerns of the future. Examines various models of disease to explain disease agents and route of transmission throughout the body's systems. Analysis of disease occurrence, predisposing factors, body's immune response, symptoms, prevention, treatment and control.

Offered: fall & spring.