Educator Preparation

Programs in the Field of Education

Canisius College offers graduate educator preparation programs for candidates seeking their first certification and those looking to add additional academic credentials.  The Initial Certification programs are taken by candidates seeking their first license.  The Professional Certification programs are taken by candidates who earned initial certification in an undergraduate program.  Those seeking to pursue counseling or educational leadership would take one of the programs listed under Other School Professional Programs.

Graduate Initial Preparation Programs

Childhood Education Grades 1-6
Adolescence Education Grades 7-12
Business and Marketing Education K-12
Physical Education - Initial Certification K-12

Graduate Professional Certification Programs

Differentiated Instruction
Education Technologies and Emerging Media
Physical Education - Advanced Certification
Teachers of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
TESOL/Bilingual Degrees & Certificates
Teaching Students with Disabilities - Childhood
Teaching Students with Disabilities - Adolescence
Special Education - Advanced

Graduate Other School Professional Programs

School Counseling-MS
School Counseling-Advanced Certificate for Permanent Certification
Educational Leadership



The list below includes only the Teacher Education classes (subject code - EDU), many of which are used for multiple graduate programs.  For courses in specific areas of education, please look at the course list on the program page.

EDU 505 Foundations of Education 3 Credits

An examination of the social, historical and philosophical foundations of education intended to provide a framework for understanding contemporary issues in education. Topics may include the role of education in a democratic society; gender, race and class in education; home, school and community relationships; and the organizational structure of education.

Corequisite: EDU 595 & EDU 596.

EDU 507 Performance Assessment Support 0 Credits

This course will provide support for those completing performance assessments. Field placement and mentoring will be provided as needed with guidelines for acceptable support.

EDU 556 Assessment for Instructional Decision Making 3 Credits

Emphasizes the empirical basis for various models of assessment. Analyzes formal and informal assessment strategies including standardized tests, curriculum-based assessment, norm-referenced, criterion-referenced assessment, and alternative methods of evaluation. Highlights use of assessment to promote decisions in planning, teaching, and evaluating for instructional program improvements.

Offered: Summer.

EDU 570 Pre-Student Teaching 3 Credits

Preparation for student teaching. Includes practica and seminars that focus on professional reflection and topics related to classroom management, increasing family involvement, teaching to higher standards and assessment at the childhood level. Addresses objectives, curriculum, strategies, materials and evaluation necessary for teaching science. Emphasizes content, inquiry skills, problem solving and scientific attitude highlighting the NY State Standards. Classroom experience required.

EDU 572 Teaching Social Studies Integrating English Language Arts 3 Credits

Addresses the objectives, curriculum, strategies, materials and evaluation necessary for teaching social studies content while integrating standards in English Language Arts. Emphasizes historic, geographic, economic, political ad social concepts highlighting the New York State Standards in SS and ELA.

Offered: spring.

EDU 595 Child Abuse Workshop 0 Credits

NYSED requirement for teacher certification.

EDU 596 Prevention of School Violence Workshop 0 Credits

NYSED requirement for teacher certification.

EDU 597 Dignity for All Students Workshop 0 Credits

NYSED requirement for teacher certification.

EDU 598 Student Teaching Seminar 2 Credits

Student Teaching Seminar enhances the student teaching experience through opportunities to foster professional growth and guided reflection on planning, instruction and assessment of learning. The course provides a professional learning community to assist candidates in the transition to careers in teaching.

EDU 599 Independent Study 3-6 Credits

Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair, & associate dean.

EDU 615 Research Methods 3 Credits

Candidates will develop an understanding of the research process from formulating a research problem through data analysis and interpretation. Candidates will learn how to critically analyze research studies, discuss ethical considerations in conducting research and discuss the importance of scientific research for educational policy and practice. Each candidate will plan a research project consistent with his/her interests and with the course goals.

EDU 628 Teaching Math & Science: Supporting STEM Education 3 Credits

Examines inclusive methods and strategies across all mathematical strands and science disciplinary core ideas. Highlights research-based curricular guidelines for STEM education aligned with the New York State's Mathematics, Science and Technology standards. Emphasizes problem solving, inquiry skills and assessment practices.

Offered: fall.

EDU 699 Independent Study 1-3 Credits

Independent studies require an application and approval by the associate dean.