Middle Childhood Extension

Students enrolled or certified in childhood education or adolescence education may obtain an extension to teach in the middle childhood grades. Students in secondary education must complete the two courses listed below to extend their 7-12 certification to include grades 5-6. Students in childhood education who also hold a bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent study of 30 credit hours in one of the secondary teaching areas available at Canisius, may obtain an extension to teach grades 7-9 by taking the two courses below. Candidates seeking the upward extension for grades 7-9 will be required to pass the same CST Exam required of adolescence education candidates, in addition to the CST for childhood education.


EMC 552 Human Growth and Development: Middle Childhood 3 Credits

The understanding of major concepts, principles, theories and research related to the intellectual emotional, physical, social and moral development of young adolescents will be stressed. Candidates will observe and participate in positive, productive learning environments where developmental differences are respected and supported and individual potential is encouraged.

Offered: summer.

EMC 553 Cognition, Learning, Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching: Middle Childhood 3 Credits

Presents concepts, standards and research related to middle level curriculum development, stressing the importance of a curriculum that is relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory. Interdisciplinary middle level curriculum standards, models and assessment strategies will be introduced. Assessment strategies that promote the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of all young adolescents will be presented.

Offered: summer.