Business (BS)


This program provides a broad-based business education. Students complete the entire “WSB Business Core” as well as some upper-level electives from different disciplines. The program can be completed in a shorter time frame than our existing majors/programs because there are fewer specialized (i.e., major) courses required. It will be suitable to transfer students, students with a desire to double major outside the Wehle School of Business, and/or students with highly demanding non-academic responsibilities. 



All students should have an advisor in the major and should contact the department directly to have an advisor assigned if they do not already have one.  Meetings with academic advisors are required prior to students receiving their PIN for course registration each semester. All majors should work closely with their advisor in discussing career expectations, choosing their major electives, developing their entire academic program and planning their co-curricular or supplemental academic experiences.

Double Majors

Students who wish to expand their educational opportunities may decide to declare a double major. This decision may be based on career goals, planned graduate studies, and/or other student interests. Before a student declares a double major, it is important to meet with the appropriate academic departments for advisement.  In order to declare a double major, the student must complete the Major/Minor Declaration form. This form will be submitted electronically and reviewed and approved by each department chairperson as well as the appropriate associate dean. 

Per university policy, each additional major requires a minimum of 15 credits that do not apply to the student's first or subsequent major.  Some double major combinations can be completed within the minimum 120 credit hour degree requirement, but in other cases additional course work may be required. Please note that students will receive only one degree unless completing the dual degree requirement including at least 150 undergraduate credit hours, regardless of the number of majors they complete. Both (all) majors appear on a student’s transcript.

Minors in Other Disciplines

Minors provide students the opportunity to pursue additional interests but generally do not require as many courses as a major.  Minors generally range from five to eight required courses. To receive a minor, the student must complete at least 9 credit hours of coursework distinct from their other credentials (i.e., majors, other minors). The complete list of minors is available on the Canisius website and in the catalog and provides links to each minor. Some majors and minors can be completed within the minimum 120 credit hour degree requirement, but in some cases additional coursework may be required. Students must complete the appropriate minor request form.


An Ignatian Foundation

All undergraduate students must complete either the Canisius Core Curriculum or the All-College Honors Curriculum. Many schools refer to their college-wide undergraduate requirements as "general education" requirements. We believe that the core curriculum and the honors curriculum are more than a series of required classes; they provide the basis for a Jesuit education both with content and with required knowledge and skills attributes that are central to our mission.

Free Electives

Students may graduate with a bachelor's degree with more but not less than 120 credit hours. Free electives are courses in addition to the Canisius Core Curriculum or All-College Honors Curriculum and major requirements sufficient to reach the minimum number of credits required for graduation. The number of credits required to complete a bachelor's degree may vary depending on the student's major(s) and minor(s).

Major Requirements

Required Courses
ACC 201Financial Accounting3
ACC 202Managerial Accounting3
BUS 101Explore Business1
BUS 201Explore Careers1
BUS 401Business in Action0
ECO 101Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO 102Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO 255Business Statistics3
ECO 256Business Analytics3
FIN 201Introduction to Corporate Finance3
ISB 101Management Technology3
MAT 106Calculus for the Non-Sciences3
MGT 101Introduction to Management3
MGT 325Operations Analysis for Business3
MGT 370Managerial Environment3
MGT 364Human Resources Management3
MGT 446Managerial Policy and Strategy3
MKT 201Principles of Marketing3
Electives Courses
select two business electives 16
Total Credits53

Two Business Electives - 6 credit hours each elective must be from a separate discipline and course must be  300 or 400 level 

Disciplines:  Accounting  - ACC
                  Economics - ECO
                  Finance- FIN
                  Management  - MGT

This major is not open to any student majoring in Accounting, Accounting Systems & Analytics, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing.