Business Core

All business majors at Canisius University take a common set of courses designed to provide students with a breadth of business knowledge and skills.  Upon completion of the business core, students should understand and appreciate the importance of several functional business areas and how these areas contribute collectively to the performance of organizations.  In today's business environment, managers are frequently expected to work in cross-functional teams, understand how their specialty contributes to the overall mission and strategy of the organization and eventually advance to positions of leadership that require an understanding and appreciation for multiple divisions within an organization.  As you will see in the curriculum tab, the common set of business courses known as the Business Core provides a strong, multi-faceted foundation that prepares students to become leaders in their organizations and excel in the globally competitive marketplace. 

Select one of the following math courses: 1
Calculus for the Non-Sciences
Calculus I (with advisement)
Calculus for Business
Business Courses
ISB 101Management Technology3
ECO 101Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO 102Principles of Microeconomics3
MGT 101Introduction to Management3
ACC 201Financial Accounting3
ACC 202Managerial Accounting 23
MKT 201Principles of Marketing3
FIN 201Introduction to Corporate Finance3
ECO 255Business Statistics3
ECO 256Business Analytics3
MGT 325Operations Analysis for Business 33
MGT 370Managerial Environment 43
MGT 446Managerial Policy and Strategy 53
All Wehle School of Business majors, must complete the following program requirements to graduate:
BUS 101Explore Business1
BUS 201Explore Careers1
BUS 401Business in Action0

For economics, business economics, finance and accounting students, MAT 115 is recommended over other options.  However, students who are not well prepared in mathematics may wish to take MAT 105 and MAT 106 before moving on to more advanced math courses.  Additional mathematics courses are recommended if the student is preparing for a graduate program in economics or finance. The student should consult a departmental advisor.


Accounting Majors take  ACC 212  instead of  ACC 202


Students completing the 150-hour combination of BS and MBA in Accounting take MGT 607 instead of MGT 325


Accounting Majors take LAW 371 and LAW 372 instead of MGT 370


 Students completing the 150-hour combination of BS and MBA in Accounting take MGT 690 instead of MGT 446


BUS 101, 201, 401 are required of all business majors and must be completed for degree requirements.  This series of courses will be graded pass/fail.  BUS 101 will be completed in your first semester freshman year, BUS 201 will be completed as a sophomore, and BUS 401 will be completed as a junior or senior.    

Starting with Fall 2022 students are no longer required to complete 6 credit hours (2 courses) for the business international requirement in the school of business core.  Students will have the ability to take a free elective and an arts and science course.  

our Learning Goals

We are committed to developing professionals who have depth of expertise in business functions combined with breadth of leadership and professional skills for success in today's dynamic business environment.  Our graduates will:

  • Understand ethical behavior and sustainability concepts.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to identify principled and ethical solutions to business problems.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to assess the potential social, economics, and environmental impact of business decisions on relevant stakeholders.
  • Make well-informed business decisions by demonstrating the ability to identify and solve business problems through quantitative and qualitative reasoning.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to interpret data, employ quantitative reasoning, and apply appropriate analytical tools to derive data-driven decisions.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to evaluate and incorporate contextual information in the decision-making process [and generate positive solutions].
  • Understand how functional areas of business impact business strategy.
    • Canisius graduates will understand how functional areas impact business strategy, and give examples as to how decisions in these areas can be structured to improve organizational performance and positively impact all stakeholders.
  • Be career-ready professionals who are prepared to lead.
    • Canisius graduates will articulate career goals, prepare a professional resume, demonstrate behavior-based interviewing techniques, and develop a professional network.

Denise Rotondo, Dean, Richard J Wehle School of Business
James McCarthy, Director of Internships & Career Development
Laura McEwen, Associate Dean, Richard J Wehle School of Business         

Business Exploration (BUS-X)

All students must complete the BUS-X series to graduate with a degree from the Wehle School of Business. BUS-X is an innovative, three-part series that builds career-ready business professionals.  By completing the BUS-X program, students will:

  • explore career options and pathways into various professions
  • experience a business immersion challenge learning how the functional areas of business combine to achieve overall goals
  • develop job search skills
  • network with business professionals, alumni, and community leaders
  • gain valuable hands-on practical experience, such as internships, consulting projects, or approved service-learning activities

BUS 101 Business Exploration (1st semester freshman) 1 Credit

Students learn about the various functions of business and how they work together to achieve organizational goals.  Events include career panels and employer presentations. A freshman advisor from the Griff Center will register business students in their freshman year. Transfer students will be evaluated by the transfer advisor for the course. Students who change their major to the business school will not be required to take the course. These students must seek a waiver of the requirement by the Associate Dean of the Wehle School of Business.

BUS 201 Explore Careers (sophomore year) 1 Credit

Students develop a career plan, prepare a professional resume, develop interviewing skills, and begin the process of building a professional network. Sections are organized by major. First semester sophomore (fall) – Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, and Management majors must register and complete the course. Second semester sophomore (spring) – Accounting, Economic, and Finance majors must register and complete the course. Students with a dual major that includes accounting, economics or finance will take BUS 201 second semester sophomore year. Transfer students, and students who change their major to the business school after their sophomore year, are required to successfully complete BUS 201.

BUS 401 Business in Action (junior or senior year)

Professional experience is essential for students to attain during their college career.  In this global economy, competition for jobs is tight.  BUS 401 is designed for students to engage and reflect on developmental experiences. Students must complete at least one of the options below for BUS 401 credit, but are not limited to one.  Students can complete both an approved experience and internship for credit.

Options to complete BUS 401

  1. Credit Internship (Option CI) 
    • Registration for a credit internship course will automatically fulfill BUS 401, Business in Action. Internship – three academic credits for major elective or free elective credit (in rare cases internships for free elective credit can be less than 3 credit hours). Students securing an internship for major or free elective credit must complete a WSB credit internship application located in forms on the portal. For major elective credit, the student must secure the signature of the chair of the department with the last signature being the Associate Dean of the Wehle School of Business. For free elective credit, the student will bypass the chair and secure the signature or the Associate Dean of the Wehle School of Business. Once the form is approved by the Associate Dean, the student will be registered for a credit internship course. Students completing their internship in summer will register for the credit bearing internship course in the fall following the summer of their internship.  Students may be required to complete academic activities related to the internship while interning in the summer.
  2. Golden Griffin Fund I (FIN 485)
    • Registration for FIN 485 will automatically fulfill BUS 401 Business in Action. Golden Griffin Fund is available for finance majors in their senior year and is a two-sequence course:  Golden Griffin Fund I and II.  The courses require an application, which can be found here.
  3. Non-Credit Internship (Option NI)
    • Students who secured an internship, which they are not using for academic credit, should register for BUS 401 option NI during the semester they are completing their internship. This section will be instructed by the Director of Internships and Career Development to help students engage and reflect on their internship experiences to better prepare for their professional careers after college.
  4. Approved Experience (Option E) 
    • Students must register for BUS 401 option E, Business in Action: Approved Experience. This section will be instructed by the Director of Internships and Career Development. Students who have one of the approved experiences listed below should register for BUS 401 option E and be prepared to demonstrate their participation in the approved experiences listed below:
      1. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) - accounting majors onlyEnactus - board members and leadership positions of Enactus
      2. Major related internship/work experience during study abroad
      3. Women's Business Center Client Practica
      4. Integrated Marketing and Communications Practica (IMC majors only)
  5. Secure a Full-Time Position
    • In rare cases, students will be evaluated if they have a full/part-time job where they are performing a business-related function significantly related to their major. Students should outreach to the Director of Internships and Career Development, Jim McCarthy. Students who secure a full-time position relevant to their major may petition the Director of Internships and Career Development for a waiver of BUS 401: Business in Action requirement before the start of their last semester at Canisius.   The student will need to provide employer name, job title, and an offer letter in a company email or on company letterhead. Students that secure a position after the start of their last semester will not be eligible for a waiver.
  6. Academic Project  (Option AP) 
    • Students must register for BUS 401 option AP (Business in Action: Academic Project), instructed by the Director of Internships and Career Development and to be taken the last semester of senior year. Students graduating in fall should outreach to the Director of Internship and Career Development. Those students that do not participate in a credit internship, Golden Griffin Fund, non-credit internship, approved experience, or approved class project by their last semester at Canisius will complete an Academic Project. The academic project will be a one-semester group project with a presentation on a specific business topic.  Groups will present their research to a panel of business professionals.