Administrative Directory

Board of Trustees 2021-2022

Martin J. Berardi '79 Chair

David J. Nasca '79 Vice Chair

Erica C. Sammarco Secretary

Timothy P. Balkin Treasurer

John J. Hurley President ex officio

Catherine A. Bolz '85, MBA '89

Jerry G. Canada, Jr. '86

John R. Connolly '72

Christopher P. Devine '98

Kimberly A. DeTrask '95

Nora E. Eberl Plizga '92

Rev. Philip A. Florio, S.J.

Stephen F. Jackson '82

Christopher M. Kelly '83

Rev. Gerald Thomas Krettek, S.J.

Anthony M. Kroese '14 ex officio

Francis M. Lazarus '66

Mark J. Lema '71

Christopher F. Malof, MBA '96

Robert H. Maloney '71

Anthony M. Masiello '69, HON '96

Lt. Col. James E. McNicholas, Jr. '68

Cindy L. Odom '90, MS

Margaret W. Paroski '76, MD

Marya J. Propis '91

Vincent Gilbert Roux '90, MBA

Anthony F. Shelley '84

Cynthia L. Skrzycki '76, MS

Rev. Thomas R. Slon, S.J. ex officio

Anthony B. Spada, Jr. '80, MBA '87

Timothy Tevens

Joyson C. Thomas '03

Michael J. Todaro

Rev. Jeffrey von Arx, S.J.

Lillie V. Wiley-Upshaw '91

Nancy W. Ware '78, MBA '85

Laura A. Zaepfel '86


John J. Hurley, JD

Erica C. Surbone Sammarco, MA
Associate Vice President

Bethany J. Voorhees
Executive Associate to the President

Academic Affairs

Sara R. Morris, PhD*
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jeffery Lindauer, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jennifer Lodi-Smith, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson, MS
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Mary R. Rockwell, PhD
Director of New Buffalo Institute

Cavina T. James, MS
Associate Director of HEOP

Teresa M. Castiglione
Coordinator Counseling & Support Services HEOP

Darleen J. Ford
Administrative Associate, COPE

Lauren Young, MA
Director of Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Mary Ann Langlois, MBA
Director of Sponsored Programs

Christopher R. Lee, PhD
Director of Graduate Fellowships

Michael J. Forest, PhD*
Director of the ULLC Program

Janet M. McNally, MFA
Director of Honors Program

Timothy H. Wadkins, PhD
Director Office for International Education

Mark K. Gallimore, PhD
Director of the Center for Online Learning and Innovation

Brian P. Smith, MEd*
Director of International Partnerships & Study Abroad

Maggie A. Burkard, MBA
Academic Affairs Support  Manager

Amy K. Beiter
Curriculum & Student Support Project Associate

College of Arts and Sciences

Thomas A. Chambers, PhD

Philip Reed, PhD
Associate Dean

Julie S. Gibert, PhD*
Faculty Associate Dean

Charles A. Goodsell, PhD
Faculty Associate Dean 

Veronica Serwacki*
Executive Associate to the Dean

Rachel A. Lapinski
Administrative Associate, College of Arts & Sciences

Maura Tyrrell
Experiential  Learning Coordinator for ABEC

Matthew Lardo
Lab Coordinator Biology 

Larry Tassini 
Laboratory Manager/Biology

Kristina Marohn
Laboratory Coordinator for Chemistry & Biochemistry

Jaime Sheridan, PhD
Director of Chemistry Laboratories

School of Education and Human Services

Nancy V. Wallace, PhD
Interim Dean

Lorrei DiCamillo, PhD
Associate Dean

Wilbert R. Green, MS
Director of School & Community Partnerships

Virginia Carver 
Administrative & Data Assistant

Julie A. Marzolf 
Executive Associate to the Dean

Rosemary A. Evans
SEHS Administrative Associate 

Linda L. Murray 
Student Teacher & Field Experience Coordinator

Richard J. Wehle School of Business

Denise M. Rotondo, PhD

Laura A. McEwen, MBA
Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Business Programs

Kimberly J. Walkow
Executive Associate to the Dean

Jennifer M. Patrick
Executive Director Education and Leadership Development

Sarah L. Vescio, MS
Director for Women’s Business Center

Heather L. Jason
Assistant Director for Women's Business Center

Christel  E. Brown
Coordinator, Women's Business Center

Sam J.  Long
COVID -19 Business Recovery Administrative Associate

Theresa L. Nusstein
Administrative Specialist Undergraduate & Graduate Business Programs

Enrollment Management

Danielle D. Ianni, PhD
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Lauren M. Kicak, MSEd, MS
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions

Jeannette Delaney, MS
 Sr. Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Matt Kwiatkowski, MBA
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Jennifer Lavoie
Assistant Director, Admissions Processing

Brandi Banks, MS
Sr. Graduate Admissions Counselor

Taylor Bowers
Admissions Processing Associate

Elizabeth A. Zucco
Admissions Operations Assistant

Catherine Gaston 
Admissions Processing Associate

Jakai Harrison
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Kayla Maggiore, MBA
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Joshua Martin
Admissions Processing  Associate

Rachel Massaro, MS
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Jack Neitz
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Samantha Palma
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Michael Seaman, MSA
Sr. Graduate Admissions Counselor

Tiffany Wagner
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor


Kristine E. Kasbohm, MA, MLS
Library Director

Samuel Cochrane
Library Associate Public Services

Patricia Coward, PhD
Library Assessment Coordinator

Kathleen M. DeLaney, MA, MLS
Reference Librarian III & Archivist

Matthew K. Kochan, MLS
Librarian/Head of Public Services

Jeff M. Proehl, MLIS
Librarian/Head of Technical Services

Lisa M. Sullivan, MSED
Librarian/Collection & Instruction Services 

Information Technology Services

Scott D. Clark, MS Ed *
Director of User Services

Daniel J. Drew, MA
Director of Media Center

Michael E. Szymendera*
Director of Infrastructure/Network Engineer

Lauren M. Barry
Programmer Analyst

Russell P. Calianno, BS
Programmer Analyst

Andrew R. Chaplin, BS*
Systems Administrator

Pamela M. Dart, BS
Programmer Analyst

Michele L. Folsom, MS*
Director of Administrative Computing

Grant J. Guzda, BS
Help Desk Manager

Nathan A. Johnson, BA
Instructional Media Technician

David J. Koenig, BA
Computer Support Specialist

Kristina Laun
Administrative Associate ITS

Nathan D. Lukenbill
Computer Support Technician

Lisa M. Mastropaolo, BA
System Administrator III

Erik T. Michaelsen, BS
Instructional Media Technician

Thomas M. Prince, BA
Computer Support Specialist

Marc J. Schnirel, BA*
Systems Administrator 

David A. Shakarjian, BS
Senior Programmer Analyst/DBA

Tracy A. Wass, MS*
Senior Programmer Analyst/DBA

Alan D. Weitzsacker, BS*
System Administrator

Business and Finance

Timothy P. Balkin, MBA
Vice President for Business and Finance

Sharon M. Federico, MS
Support Manager

Ronald J. Haberer, MBA

Kelly L. Schultz, BBA
Associate Director of Tax, Endowment and Grant Accounting

JoAnn Feary
Controller's Office Manager

Denise M. Flannery
Accounts Payable Associate

Thomas E. Ciminelli
Director of Facilities Management

Joseph J. Snodgrass
Facilities Operations Manager/Safety Coordinator

Nacole Parkhurst
Facilities Management Operations Coordinator

Jodel L. Woods
Housekeeping Manager

Linda M. Walleshauser, SPHR, BA
Associate VP for Human Resources & Compliance

Mary E. Braun
Human Resources Generalist

Dawn M. Rotterman, CEBS
Benefits/ HRIS Manager 

Susan M. Lyons
Payroll ManagerSusan 

Lynn M. Incardona
Human Resources/ Payroll Associate

Institutional Advancement

Kimberly A. Venti, MS
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Mary Ellen Bakowski
Development Officer

J. Patrick Greenwald, BA*
Director, Principal Gifts

Katherine M. Huck, BS
Director of Advancement Services

Carol M. Lower
Advancement Services Coordinator

Sandy A. Miller, MA
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

James A. Marotto
Development Office

Angela M. Butler
Advancement Coordinator

Summer L. Handzlik, MBA
Sr. Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship

Matthew J. Gorczyca 
Associate Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship 

Courtney T. Sullivan, BS
Leadership Giving Officer

Erin M. Zack, MS
Director of Alumni Engagement

Marketing and Communication

Eileen C. Herbert, MS*
Cheif Communications Officer/Director of College Communications

Brianna M. Blank 
Multimedia Editor & Photographer

Audrey R. Browka, BA
Senior Associate Director of  College Communications

Patricia A. Herkey, BS
Creative Director

Susan L. Hough
Art Director

Gwen Ito 
Marketing Copywriter 

Josh E. Kruk, MA
Digital Marketing Director

Stephanie Masood
Marketing Project Manager

Student Affairs

Sandra M. Estanek, PhD
Interm Vice President for Student Affairs

Matthew H. Mulville, MS*
Assistant Vice President of Students

Mark J. Piatkowski, MS, MBA
Associate Director for Student Life

Albert F. Pilato
Associate Director for Student Life

Kimberly L. Beaty 
Director of Public Safety

Brian P. Smith, M Ed*
Director of International Students and Study Abroad

Bennie D. Williams, MS
Assistant Dean of Students & Director of  Multicultural Student Center

Campus Ministry

Rev. John J. Mattimore, S.J.
Chief Mission & Ministry Officer 

Kaitlyn Buehlmann
Associate Campus Minister

Events Services

Connie Pileri, MS*
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Student Health

Patricia H. Creahan, MS, ANPC*
Director of Student Health

Megan Maslanka, CMA
Certified Medical Assistant

Melissa Petrie, RN
Staff Nurse

Lisa Rowley, RN
Staff Nurse

Counseling Center

Eileen A. Niland, MS, LMHC, NCC*
Director of Counseling Center

Michael Cammarata, MS, LMHC, NCC
Associate Director of Counseling Center

Charita Price, MS, LMHC-P
Counseling Center Counselor


William J. Maher, MS Ed
Director of Athletics

Jarrett L. Abelson
Director of Athletic Communication

Patrick Clarke, MS
Director Canisius Athletic Facilities

Timothy Seil
Assistant Director Canisius Athletic Facilities

Michael Guzda, MS
Director of Athletic Performance

Lisa M. Liotta, ME
Associate Director, Senior Women’s Administrator

Matthew Reitnour
Associate Athletic Director

Erika Seagren
Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance

Paul Andary
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Brandon Bielecki
Assistant Coach Baseball 

Kerri Brace
Head Coach Women's Rowing 

Allison Daley
Head Coach Women's Lacrosse

Kimberly Griffin
Head Coach Women's Softball

Chris Hawkins
Assistant Coach Men's Basketball

Alfred Hemer
Head Coach Women's Basketball

Laurie Hennessy
Administrative Operations Coordinator

Nathan Huckle
Head Coach Cross Country 

Todd Hummel
Head Coach Men's Golf/ Ticket Office Manager

Tyler Lamonica
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Trevor Large
Head Coach Hockey

Garrett Layton
Director of Digital Media

Ryan Louis
Head Coach Women's Soccer

Derek Marks
Associate Head Coach Men's Lacrosse

Matthew Mazurek
Head Coach Men's Baseball

Dermot McGrane
Head Coach Men's Soccer

Mark  Miyashita
Head Coach Men's Lacrosse

Maxwell Mobley
Assistant Coach Men's Hockey 

Amber Moore
Assistant Coach Women's Basketball

Taylor Nelson
Assistant Coach Men's Hockey 

Kristen Saviola
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Thurman Schaetzle
Assistant Coach Men's Basketball

Shannon Thompson
Head Coach Women's Volleyball

Scott Vanderzell
Head Coach Swimming & Diving

Christina Weaver
Assistant Coach Women's Basketball

Phillip Witherspoon
Head Coach Men's Basketball

Academic Affairs and Student Affairs

Academic Talent Search 

Elizabeth P. Caffee, MS
Director of Academic Talent Search

Philip Davis
Counselor/Academic Talent Search 

Chloe Hennings
Counselor/Academic Talent Search 

Griff Center for Student Success

Mark R. Harrington, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Director of HESA Program

Jennifer Herrmann, MS
Associate Dean of Student Success

Tracy Callaghan, MS Ed
Associate Director of Academic Achievement

Eileen Abbatoy, MS
Sr. Associate Director of Career Center

Sheila M. Pettigrew
Sr. Assistant Director of Career Development/ Interim Title IX Coordinator

Rachel E. Emmons
Career Development Coordinator

Sierra Bonerb, MS
Associate Director, of Support Services

Monika L. McFoy
Assistant Director of Support Services

Angela Bufalino
Support Services Coordinator

Student Records and Financial Services Center

Kevin M. Smith, MS; MBA.*
Assistant Vice President and Director

Mary A. Koehneke, BS*
Associate Director

Deborah Whiting-Prohn, MS
Assistant Director and Registrar

Lisa C. Fischer, MS 
Assistant Registrar

Julie A. Almendinger 
Assistant Director or Financial Services

Michele A. Rizzo, BA*
Assistant Director of Financial Services

Samantha M. Brennan
Student Services Processing Specialist

Laura A. Zirnheld, BA
Student Records Specialist

Angela Galante
Financial Aid Specialist

Margaret M. Kraatz *
Financial Aid Specialist and Special Projects

Eileen Tally, BS
Student Accounts Supervisor

Allaina Faulise
Customer Services Specialist