Student Experience

At Canisius University, we seek to provide a robust and holistic Student Experience that encourages growth and development through the curricular and co-curricular offerings provided by our dedicated faculty and staff. The co-curricular experience is comprised of offerings largely provided by the division of Student Affairs, Athletics & Recreation, and Mission Integration.


Our Mission

Grounded in the mission of Canisius University, the Division of Student Affairs designs programs and delivers services that engage students, promote their success, and support their wellness and development.

Our Values 

The values of the Canisius university Division of Student Affairs support the University’s mission. In all that we do, we emphasize the following:

  • Cura Personalis
    • Create a culture of fostering care for the whole person
  • Community
    • Engage students in meaningful collaboration and connection both on campus and in our community
  • Leadership
    • Provide a transformative experience for the leaders of tomorrow
  • Inclusion
    • Welcome all students into a community of support and respect
  • Magis
    • Encourage student growth and desire for greatness
  • Social Justice
    • Develop students to become Griffs for and with others

The vice president for student affairs and dean of students leads the Division of Student Affairs and determines student affairs policies and procedures, subject to the approval of the president.

The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of the following areas:

Student Life


(ALANA = African American, Latino/a American, Asian American, Native American students) A genuine, pluralistic campus fosters racial equity, embraces intersectionality, and appreciates the differences that each student brings to the campus community. The University aims for all individuals to feel a sense of inclusion in the University’s mission and activities, particularly those who have been historically marginalized in America primarily due to the color of their skin.

The ALANA Student Center develops initiatives that promote the personal and academic success of African American, Latinx, Asian, and Native American students while engaging the entire student body in opportunities to cultivate skills to be people for and with others. 

Although primarily co-curricular focused, the ALANA Student Center also serves students as a referral and support unit with respect to other collegiate matters. The Center provides a place for students to share and discuss cross-cultural experiences and to interpret those experiences. By way of this service and other support services campus-wide, Canisius University provides students with tools essential for their success in school and in the greater community.


The Counseling Center is committed to developing the personal and academic potential of Canisius University students by supporting their emotional well-being through mental health services and wellness education. Professional counseling services are available to all registered students to address concerns that interfere with a student’s functioning, well-being and academic success. In addition to individual and group counseling, counselors are available during and after University business hours for crisis intervention and mental health emergencies. Counselors are also available for consultation and referrals to community resources.

Students who access counseling services are assured confidentiality, unless it is apparent that a student may do harm to self or others. No information about participation in counseling becomes part of any official record. The Counseling Center is located in Bosch Hall Room 105, directly off the lobby of Bosch Hall.

Refer to the Counseling Center website for the most current information on programs, services and scheduling appointments.


The Center for Student Success provides comprehensive programs, services, and resources to support student academic and career success and a transformative learning experience grounded in our Catholic, Jesuit mission. 

The mission of The Center for Student Success is to serve our transformative learning community in the spirit of cura personalis, care for the whole person, through opportunities and services which develop and empower students to achieve academic and career success.

This Center for Student Success is made up of a dedicated team of success and career coaches committed to student retention and persistence. There are three distinct groups of student development experts working within the Center for Student Success: Academic Achievement Team, Career Development Team, and Support Services Team. Each team is housed together in three locations to effectively serve our students based upon their respective function.

Academic Achievement (Old Main 013)

The academic support structure at Canisius is multi-layered and highly individualized. The Center for Student Success provides an additional layer of academic and advisement support.
Student Success Coach: A professional staff member who assists students with any academic concerns and connects them with helpful campus resources. Success coaches guide incoming first year students in creating their first semester schedule, serve as a mentor for students who are on academic probation as part of their academic recovery plan, address student concerns submitted by faculty/staff, and assist with time management/study skills.
First- Year Course Scheduling: Student Success Coaches collaborate with academic departments to ensure new students have a positive transition from high school to college by creating a schedule based on their academic goals. Canisius has a faculty advising model where during a student's first semester, they will be assigned a faculty advisor within their major department. 
Student Athletic Advising: Achieving the balance necessary to be successful as a student and an athlete can be challenging. Division 1 NCAA student-athletes have access to an advisor specializing in their needs to enhance their regular advisement process. The student-athlete academic specialist works closely with the coaching staff and athletic compliance.

Care and Concern Management: Create a network of support for students who are academically at-risk or are experiencing any challenges during their pursuit of their educational goals.

Career Development  (Horan O'Donnell 014)

Career Development assists students with their career goals through strategic partnerships with employers and our Canisius faculty. This team supports our students through one-on-one career coaching, alumni connections, on campus recruitment, and career events. The Career Development team provides the following services to students:

Career Coaching: Available for all students seeking assistance in exploring and defining their career interests. Students can work with their dedicated career coach to review resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles; practice interviewing skills; learn how to effectively job and internship search, gain networking opportunities, and more!

Handshake: Canisius’ exclusive online job board available to all students and alumni. To access full-time, part-time, and internship postings, as well as information on career events and resources, go to your MyCanisius student portal and find Handshake under “My Applications.”

Alumni Career Services: As a benefit of being a graduate of Canisius, alumni can utilize the services of the Career Development team to assist in the job search process at any time.

Support Services (Old Main - 3rd Floor)

Tutoring Center (OM 315)

Tutoring services are available for all Canisius students and provide a variety of opportunities for them to achieve their own academic success in their current coursework. Group tutoring sessions allow students to receive academic assistance from peer and/or adjunct professor tutors. Tutors are available in the majority of academic disciplines and employ various academic strategies to help address individual student needs. Students are limited to 3 sessions (total of 3 hours) of tutoring services per week and must be currently enrolled in the courses for which they are receiving tutoring.

Study Center (OM 311)

Open to all Canisius students, Study Zone provides students with an opportunity to focus on academic work in a quiet environment conveniently located near Tutoring Center where additional assistance may be sought.

Scuba Zone: Academic Mentor Program (OM 318)

This program presents students with an opportunity to meet one-on-one with an academic mentor on a regular basis to assist with better time management, prioritization of responsibilities, study skills, and assistance needed to achieve academic success.

Student Accessibility Services (OM 317)

Committed to creating equal access for all Canisius students with disabilities, Accessibility Support helps meet individual needs and oversees the administration of reasonable accommodations and proctoring exams. Academic and non-academic accommodations are determined on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis after review of a student’s official documentation. 

Testing Center (OM 317)

The Proctor Site assists in proctoring make-up exams for the campus community. Students must determine the feasibility of a make-up exam with their professor prior to making arrangements with the proctor site.

Veterans Resource Center (OM 304)

The Center for Student Success provides an environment that helps student-veterans achieve their academic and personal goals. Our staff is committed to creating a supportive and friendly atmosphere where students feel comfortable seeking assistance concerning both academic and non-academic issues.  In addition, there is a lounge designated for student-veterans where they may study and relax between classes.


Whether you are an international student who will study on an F-1 student visa, a visiting student who will be studying abroad for one semester, or an incoming student who did not grow up in the United States, the Office of International Student Programs is here to support you. The Office of International Student Programs (ISP) at Canisius University supports the needs and development of the global student community through advisement and cultural support, in order to assist them in achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals. Other services for international students include an extensive orientation for new students, assistance understanding immigration regulations and workshops on practical training benefits. Global Horizons, a student organization for American and international students, plans additional activities to promote cultural awareness on campus. An example of this is Global Fest, an annual event celebrating different cultures through food tasting, music, performances and crafts from around the world! International students are required to complete an online semester SEVIS registration form at the start of each semester. This form ensures that ISP properly registers them for the semester in the SEVIS (Student Exchange and Visitor Information System). All international students studying on an F-1 or J-1 visa are required by the University to purchase a health insurance plan offered by Canisius University. 


The Department of Public Safety, located in the basement of the Bosch Residence Hall, is open 24 hours a day, providing around the clock protection and services to the campus community. The department was established to protect the educational environment of Canisius University, keeping the environment free from the threat of physical harm, property damage and disruptive activity. Departmental objectives include aiding in the enforcement of federal, state and local laws; preventing crime; regulating non-criminal conduct and preserving the peace. Uniformed Public Safety Officers, all of whom are sworn peace officers, are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Their primary responsibilities include patrolling the campus area on foot, on bicycles and in vehicles; security services; emergency response; and requests for assistance involving members of the campus community.

Public Safety also provides a variety of support services that are tailored to meet the needs of the campus community. These services include conducting crime prevention and personal safety programs, dispatching the campus shuttle system, providing Canisius ID cards, and providing assistance to campus motorists experiencing minor mechanical problems.

For a comprehensive summary of the activities and services provided by Public Safety, visit the Department of Public Safety website.


Canisius University complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act by providing available information on campus security and personal safety. This information includes crime prevention, public safety, law-enforcement authority, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures and other important matters regarding campus security. Statistics are available from the three previous calendar years on reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Canisius University, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. Upon request, the Canisius University Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide all campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education. This information is available on the Public Safety website. A printed copy may be obtained by calling the office of student affairs at 716-888-2130.


The Student Health Center  is staffed by a doctor, a physician assistant and registered nurses to  provide on campus care for all Canisius students. Clinic is open Monday through Friday on the days when undergraduate classes are session from August through May.

Appointments are required. Students can select either a virtual visit over the computer or a face-to-face visit. In some cases, Student Health may recommend one visit type over the other based on the student’s health needs. Appointments can be made by calling Student Health or self scheduling at myCanisiusHealth.

Afterhours, students can select from one of the urgent care centers located near campus or use the Catholic Health System virtual providers available at CH Care on A list of urgent care centers is available at myCanisiusHealth.

In the event of a medical emergency on campus, students should contact Public Safety or dial 911.

Due to COVID 19, masks must be worn in Student Health. Visitors and friends are not allowed to accompany a student into clinic but can wait in the area outside Student Health.  

MyCanisiusHealth is a web based confidential health portal designed specifically for Canisius students. A link to the health portal is found under student services on the student portal page. The portal provides students 24/7 access to Student Health. From the portal, students can  schedule an appointment, upload documents, print immunizations and update health insurance information, Students can access a copy of their visit summary after their appointment and all  health education materials recommended by our providers. The portal also has self care tips for common illnesses and injuries, and a list health care provider and services both on and off campus including afterhours care providers.

Student Health does not write medical notes for missed classes or work. After a visit, Student Health sends appointment verifications via University email from noreply@medicat.   It is recommended students share the email verification notice with faculty or employers, if proof of a doctor’s appointment is needed.

Although there is no charge for a visit to Student Health, students should bring a copy of their health insurance card to their appointment.

The Student Health Center website provides detailed information about Student Health services, hours, staff, location, health requirements, health insurance, medical notes, and more.


Canisius University requires all full time undergraduate students to have health insurance and submit proof of that health insurance to the University annually. Students will be billed for the student health insurance plan offered by the university if they do not have insurance or fail to submit the required proof of insurance.

International students, studying on a F1 Visa, are required to purchase the international health insurance plan designed specifically for them.


Measles, Mumps, Rubella

New York State law requires all students taking six or more credits, attending any classes on campus, and born on or after January 1, 1957 to provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella to the Student Health Center prior to class attendance. Students must submit proof of two doses of measles (rubeola) vaccine, one dose of rubella (German measles) vaccine and one dose of mumps vaccine, given on or after their first birthday and after 1967.

Meningitis Requirement

All students registered for 6 or more credits and attending class on campus, regardless of birth date, are required to receive information about the risk of meningococcal disease and the benefit of vaccination. Students are required to read the information and either obtain the meningitis vaccine or sign a vaccine refusal statement within thirty days of first class attendance.


Immunization records, must be submitted by July 31 for fall attendance and January 1 for spring attendance. Summer students must submit records before their first day of class.  Non-compliance with health requirements results in registration cancellation, removal from university housing, and inability to register with the university for future semesters.  If registration is cancelled, a student will be reinstated once the health forms are submitted and deemed complete. Canisius University charges an immunization reinstatement fee.  To view the fee click here   Compliance with New York State health requirements is strictly enforced across the campus. 

Students taking online courses only are generally exempt from these requirements; however some online programs have established stricter immunization requirements.  On line students should discuss health requirements with Admissions or their program directors.

The Student Health Center website has detailed information about health requirements and links to the required forms.

Students enrolled in the Physician Assistant Studies program have additional immunization requirements.  Information about those requirements and deadine for submission to Student Health is available in the Physician Assistant Program Handbook.

Physical Examination Requirement

All full time undergraduates and all international students ( graduate and undergraduate) studying on an F1 Visa  are required to submit a complete physical examination form to Student Health by July 31 for fall attendance and January 1 for spring attendance. 

Graduate students enrolled in the  Physician Assistant Studies Program have an annual physical examination requirement.  Information about that requirement and deadline for submission to Student Health  can be found in that program’s hand book.

Student Life (Student Engagement)

Student Engagement encourages and promotes involvement and enhances student learning through co-curricular programming opportunities. To help achieve this mission, Student Engagement provides students the opportunity to get involved on campus. Students may choose from a variety of clubs and organizations, including the United Student Association (USA) which is comprised of the entire student body and is represented by an elected group, the Student Senate. The purpose of the Senate is to assist, finance and integrate all student organizations and to represent the views of the student body to the University administration. The Commuter Student Association (CSA) represents all the commuter students, and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student governing body for the resident students at Canisius. Additionally, there are over 90 student clubs and organizations at Canisius. These organizations provide students with an opportunity to explore an academic subject informally yet deeply, gain familiarity with the arts or with differing cultures, provide service to the University or to the community, develop a wide range of leadership skills, or simply socialize with other students. Various honor societies give recognition to student excellence in numerous areas, and the student-run media on campus, such as the University newspaper (The Griffin), provide students with opportunities to explore communications media while keeping the University community informed and entertained. In addition, Student Engagement provides numerous opportunities for students to develop as leaders. These opportunities include our annual leadership conference and two leadership retreats per academic year.


New Student Orientation is the beginning of the journey for new students that provide a welcoming, informative, and incredibly fun start to their academic careers at Canisius. The program highlights a variety of academic supports and campus resources through informational sessions and activities.


Members of the Canisius Community or the public looking to reserve non-classroom space (including athletic facilities) for meetings and events should contact the Office of Event Services. Office staff will assist with room selection, securing appropriate technology, and facilitating connections with Chartwells food service when requested.


Student Life promotes the personal growth of resident students as they adjust to University life and interact with others in the residence halls and the University community.

Canisius University believes that the experience of living on-campus contributes to the development of a well-rounded individual. Student Life creates an environment where students can live, learn and develop leadership skills, and become men and women for and with others.

There are several housing options available to resident students. Bosch and Frisch halls are traditional residence halls for freshman students. They include single and double rooms, 2-person and 4-person suites, along with social lounges and kitchens on each floor. Dugan Hall, also a traditional residence hall, is home to upper-level students in 2 person suites. Each floor also includes a social lounge, a kitchen, and coin-free laundry. The Delavan Townhouses feature one-, two-, three-, four-, and five-person apartments with single bedrooms. These apartments have living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and air conditioning. The Village Townhouses feature two and three-person apartments. These apartments are equipped with single bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and air conditioning. Additional information including virtual tours, pictures, floor plans, cost, and the application process, can be found on the Student Life web pages.