Admission and Matriculation


Students of ability and achievement are welcome in the Graduate Division of Canisius College. Their acceptability as students is determined by the individual departments on the basis of aptitude, achievement and character.

Admission Procedures

Applicants for admission to the Graduate Division may be accepted as matriculants in a particular department, or as non-matriculants (not available in Anthrozoology). In either instance, the same admission standards will apply. Prospective students for admission to graduate study in any department must possess a baccalaureate degree and must present evidence of their qualifications to participate successfully in a graduate-level academic endeavor. Each applicant is required to submit the following to the office of the appropriate program director:

  1. Application for admission with any appropriate admissions fee.
  2. Official transcript(s) from all previous undergraduate studies.
  3. Additional admissions requirements may be found in the description of each graduate program.
  4. Students whose general qualifications warrant their admission to the graduate division, but for whom some supplementary study is prescribed, may not be admitted to candidacy for a degree until all deficiencies have been removed.

Entrance Examinations

A preliminary examination to determine the candidate’s background may be required in any field or department. The candidate will be given adequate notice by the program director in the event of such an examination. GRE, GMAT, MAT, SAT or ACT requirements, where applicable, are described in the individual program sections of the catalog.

International Students

International candidates for graduate admission should submit a completed application and certified transcripts from all secondary schools or colleges attended. Transcripts not in English should be accompanied by a certified English translation. International students whose native language is not English, and/or students whose primary language of instruction is not English, are required to submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score. All documents should be submitted with the application for graduate studies.

In order to attend Canisius College, Canadian and other international students must receive a Certificate of Visa Eligibility (Form 1-20). This form is issued by Canisius College after the student has submitted proof of his or her ability to meet all educational and living expenses for the entire period of study. The student must provide this proof by filling out the Canisius College International Student Certification of Finances form, which includes a budget worksheet to help the student determine the total educational expenses. This form must have enough funds listed (in U.S. dollars) and verified to cover the full amount of the student’s educational and living expenses. This form must be submitted with the Application for Graduate Studies.

Applicants with Criminal Backgrounds

Canisius College is committed to ensuring that students have the ability to benefit from the education received at the College.  Certain affiliates associated with the college require that students placed in their facility for clinical/internship/field placement experiences clear a criminal background check prior to placement.  Students whose background check reveals a criminal history may be prevented access to the clinical site, and as a result, the student may not have sufficient clinical experience to successfully complete the program.  Additionally, licensing boards may deny the individual the opportunity to sit for an examination if an applicant has a criminal history.


Matriculated Students

Most students enter the graduate division as matriculants, i.e., as students who are enrolled in a specific program leading to a master’s degree or advanced certificate. Each student is responsible for the completion of the requirements and course prerequisites in force in the student’s program of study at the time of matriculation.

A student who interrupts matriculation for two or more semesters must apply for readmission and is bound by the requirements in force at the time of readmission. Please contact the graduate program director for information about the readmission process.

Students are expected to maintain a continuous program of academic work until all course requirements, including research for the thesis, are completed. If a thesis is required, the student must register each fall and spring semester, after the completion of course requirements, for the appropriate research course until the degree is awarded.

Non-Matriculated Students

In graduate programs, persons who possess a baccalaureate degree and are otherwise eligible but who wish to pursue graduate study without intention of taking a higher degree may register as non-matriculated students. Should such a student later decide to work towards a degree, the student must apply for admission to the program and complete all admission requirements. The appropriate program director will determine what credits already completed will be accepted toward the master’s degree. Enrollment of non-matriculated students is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Auditors (Non-Credit Students)

Students wishing to pursue certain courses of study may register for such courses as auditors (non-credit students). It is the understanding of the college that such auditors, though encouraged to participate in class discussion and reading assignments, are exempt from examination and will not at any time claim credit for such attendance. In the Wehle School of Business, only individuals with a graduate degree in business may audit courses. Auditing is not available in the Anthrozoology program.