Richard J. Wehle School of Business

Dr. Denise Rotondo, Dean of the Richard J. Wehle School of Business

Laura McEwen, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Business Programs

our mission

The Richard J. Wehle School of Business (WSB) develops career ready-business leaders who are prepared to make ethical business decisions that reflect the interests of multiple stakeholders.

With our partners in the Western New York business community, we emphasize immersive, experience-based learning activities that reflect the interconnected and global nature of business.

Faculty are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and professional engagement with an emphasis on improving and informing business practices.

In accordance with our Jesuit tradition, we are committed to educating the whole person, to using our skills in the service of others, and to a business work ethic of doing more and going beyond what is expected. 


Leveraging our national rankings in accounting and finance, we will be recognized as the premier business school in Western New York by combining innovative learning activities involving real business problems with intensive leadership development rooted in Jesuit values.  We will be recognized as thought leaders in the transformation of business in our region, and we will be a provider of choice among our alumni and the business community for continued professional development.

AACSB Accreditation

The Richard J. Wehle School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB).  Accreditation by AACSB is the hallmark of excellence in management education, and has been earned by less than five percent of the world's business programs. It represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Programs receiving AACSB International accreditation have superior faculty, high-caliber teaching, and meaningful interaction between students and faculty. All students earning degrees in business are required to participate in assessment exercises appropriate for meeting accreditation requirements.


In addition to a graduate degree from Canisius’ Wehle School of Business, students also will earn a Leadership & Professional Development Certificate and digital badge. This unique program offers students personal and professional development experiences to evaluate their competencies as well as personalized coaching to define their personal brand and chart a career path.

The LPD Program consists of three courses: My Personal Brand, My Leadership Plan, and My Path Forward. These are not academic in the traditional sense as there are no textbooks, exams, or weekly class meetings.  Students will earn one academic credit for the certificate.  The LPD has a significant impact on students both during their studies and after graduation, whether a young professional or an emerging executive. Completion of the LPD is a requirement for degree completion and conferral. 

The Jesuit Consortium (JEBNET), of which Canisius is a member, allows MBA students from another Jesuit institution to readily transfer coursework upon approval of the program director.

Beta Gamma Sigma

The Wehle School of Business at Canisius College houses a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma .  Beta Gamma Sigma is the premier honor society recognizing achievement in business education. . Lifetime members of the Society have earned the right to be considered the "Best in Business." Students who graduate in the top 20 percent of their class are eligible for membership.

External Business Programs

The Women's Business Center

Located in Science Hall, the Women’s Business Center (WBC) empowers entrepreneurs to succeed through education, connections and community by developing leaders, fostering opportunities and building collaboration. The WBC was established by the Richard J. Wehle School of Business in 2003 to support the success of entrepreneurs and small business owners with a focus on women in Erie County and the surrounding region including Buffalo, Rochester, Jamestown and Niagara Falls. The WBC provides services in small business development: training, counseling, coaching, and networking. Networking serves as a major component of all programs to ensure that every participant has made appropriate connections with business and community resources.  Faculty and students at Canisius frequently connect with area entrepreneurs and small businesses through programs offered by the Women’s Business Center.  These connections often result in mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to the economic strength of the local and regional economy.  The WBC is directed by Sara Vescio.  For additional information and a listing of WBC programs and upcoming events, visit the official WBC website


The Richard J. Wehle School of Business offers graduate programs leading to the following master’s degrees:

AACSB Accredited Programs:

The following programs are not AACSB Accredited:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our nationally ranked MBA program combines flexibility with personal attention, and includes the top part-time MBA among private institutions in Western New York. Includes online and on-campus options.

With a degree from the Wehle School of Business, you gain a strong foundation of knowledge in key business areas and an extensive professional network of mentors and peers.

Master of Business Administration in Professional Accounting (MBAPA)

In addition to enabling them to earn an MBA degree, this program makes it possible for holders of undergraduate and graduate degrees with majors other than accounting to:

  1. Complete a major in accounting.
  2. Prepare to enter the accounting profession.
  3. Acquire the educational requirements to take the NYS CPA examination leading to professional licensing.

Master of Business Administration in Accounting (MBAA)

This program is designed for undergraduate accounting majors at Canisius College. It meets the 150-hour requirement of the American Institute of CPAs and qualifies students for CPA Licensure. Graduates are required to complete one year of work experience for certification. 

Master of Science in Finance (M.S.)

The Master of Science in Finance program provides advanced knowledge of general finance in the areas of investments, quantitative analysis, financial institutions and markets. Grounded in our Jesuit tradition, the program’s holistic approach emphasizes both technical expertise and ethical decision-making. Instructional methods focus on the care and personal growth of each individual finance professional. Classroom projects and activities advance the highest standards of professional conduct as well as communication and teamwork. To meet the demands of today’s emerging business needs and financial markets, students can choose one of four concentrations: investment research, risk management, data analytics or general finance. Students from any undergraduate major are welcome to apply, as long as they have acquired a bachelor's degree prior to the start of classes.


The Master’s program in Business Analytics at Canisius College prepares highly competent professionals in a growing field of analytics. Through courses offering interdisciplinary approaches to business and data analysis, the students will obtain a graduate-level education that prepares them to fill critical roles in regional organizations. The overarching goal is to develop graduates who solve problems and identify opportunities derived from data but guided by keen business insights.

The Business Analytics program draws upon courses in Accounting, Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Computer Science, and Data Analytics.

The Western New York region offers extensive opportunities for employment. The need for employees with the skill set developed in this program is quite high, as confirmed by a market analysis and an advisory group representing key employer stakeholders.


The program's flexible, hands-on curriculum emphasizes emerging sports industry trends, contemporary communications skills and cutting edge technologies used in sport administration. Coursework teamed with internships, travel abroad opportunities and industry events give you a broad education in business and leadership skills essential in the global sports industry.


The Sport Product Development program emphasizes product and market strategy across six focused segments within the sporting goods industry: competitive team sports, extreme sports, fitness, individual sports, indoor games, and outdoor recreation sports. The 33 credit hour program is offered fully online and includes a six-credit internship. After completing six core courses, students choose an area of specialization to complete their degree.  

Advanced Certificates

Graduate-level certificate in:

Courses used for this certificate may be used to fulfill requirements for an MBA.


The Advanced Certificate Programs are open to any qualified holder of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university regardless of the undergraduate major field of study. The goal of the admission policy is the selection of those candidates who indicate the greatest potential for academic and professional achievement. The candidate for admission to graduate study must present evidence of qualifications to participate successfully in a graduate level academic endeavor.


Relevant course work completed by a student at another AACSB accredited college or university may waive up to 6 credit hours. Students will be evaluated for waivers at the time of acceptance. 

Learning Goals & Objectives

We are committed to developing professionals who have depth of expertise in business functions combined with breadth of leadership and professional skills for success in today's dynamic business environment.  Our graduates will:

  • Understand ethical behavior and sustainability concepts.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to identify principled and ethical solutions to business problems.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to assess the potential social, economics, and environmental impact of business decisions on relevant stakeholders.
  • Make well-informed business decisions by demonstrating the ability to identify and solve business problems through quantitative reasoning, and evaluate and interpret contextual/qualitative information in the decision process.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to interpret data, employ quantitative reasoning, and apply appropriate analytical tools to derive data-driven decisions.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to evaluate and incorporate contextual information in the decision-making process [and generate positive solutions].
  • Understand how functional areas of business impact business strategy.
    • Canisius graduates will apply knowledge of functional areas to evaluate business strategy goals that are designed to improve organizational performance and positively impact all stakeholders.
  • Be career-ready professionals who are prepared to lead.
    • Canisius graduates will be able to practice and assess their leadership capacity to influence others, collaborate on teams, and encourage cooperation towards organizational goals.

For more information on the Graduate Business Programs visit the Richard J Wehle School of Business website.

Academic Policies


The graduate programs in business are open to any qualified holder of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university regardless of the undergraduate major field of study. The goal of the admission policy is the selection of those candidates who indicate the greatest potential for academic and professional achievement. The candidate for admission to graduate study must present evidence of qualifications to participate successfully in a graduate level academic endeavor. 

Please review degree pages for admission requirements for individual programs.


Students must ordinarily complete all requirements within five years of their first semester of attendance. Extensions may be granted upon the petition of the student to the Director of Graduate Business Programs. Student can complete degree requirements in fall, spring, and summer.  The graduation ceremony is in May.  Students that complete degree requirements in Fall will be invited to the May ceremony.  Students that complete the program in summer, may petition the Director of Graduate Business Program to participate in the May ceremony prior to completion of the program.


Graduate business course work completed by a student at another AACSB accredited college or university may be accepted for transfer credit. Students desiring transfer credit should submit a written request to the program director for evaluation.

Transfer students in the Graduate Business Programs must complete more than 50% of their program at Canisius.

Graduate business students at Canisius College who wish to transfer graduate course work at another institution must have the prior written permission from the director of Graduate Business Programs.


Students must have a CGPA of 2.8 to graduate.

A student is placed on academic probation if:

  1. After completion of six hours of course work, the student’s cumulative grade point average is 2.00 or lower,
  2. Any time after completion of nine or more hours of course work, the cumulative grade point average is less than 2.80.

A student may be dismissed from the program if:

  1. After completion of six hours of course work, subsequent to being placed on academic probation, the cumulative grade point average is less than 2.0,
  2. After completion of at least 18 hours of course work, the cumulative grade point  average is less than 2.80. A student may be dismissed without having been placed on probation first.