Academic Standing

Academic Standing

Academic standing is determined by the cumulative grade point average from the beginning of the student’s studies at Canisius.

The following terms are used to describe a student’s academic standing:

  1. Academic probation: When a student’s grade point average falls beneath the level indicated on the next page, he/she is placed on academic probation — a serious warning that the student’s academic record at the college is unsatisfactory. It is generally not advisable for students on academic probation to take part in extracurricular activities. Varsity athletes, in addition, are governed by NCAA and regional conference regulations. Probation for two successive semesters will result in automatic academic dismissal from the college.
  2. Academic dismissal: Academic dismissal results from any one of the following:
    1. Falling below the grade point average indicated below.
    2. Failing three courses in a single semester.
    3. Being placed on academic probation for two successive semesters. Dismissed students may not enroll in any division of the college and must wait at least six months before applying for readmission.
  3. Good academic standing: This is a term used to determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid. A student who is on academic probation is generally considered to be in good academic standing. Further details may be found in the section on Financial Aid.

The grade point average levels for academic probation and academic dismissal are given as follows:

Cumulative grade point average, based on 0-30 credits:


Cumulative grade point average, based on 31 or more credit hours:


To be eligible for graduation, a student must have earned an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.00.

Separation from the College

Each student’s continued registration at the college, the awarding of academic credits and the granting of any certificate or degree are entirely subject to the disciplinary authority of the college. The college reserves the right, therefore, to enforce the regulations concerning satisfactory academic performance and, in consequence, to cancel a student’s registration, to refuse academic credits or to deny a certificate or degree. Separation from the college may also be imposed as a penalty for any conduct which conflicts with the ideals of the college or damages its reputation and that of its students.