Quality Points and GPA

Quality Points

Grades in individual courses result in quality points. Points are assigned based on the table below for each semester-hour completed.  Thus the number of credits must be multiplied by the quality points per credit to determine the number of quality points earned.  For example, a B in a 3-credit course will earn a student 9 quality points.

Grade A 4.0 points
Grade A– 3.7 points
Grade B+ 3.3 points
Grade B 3.0 points
Grade B– 2.7 points
Grade C+ 2.3 points
Grade C 2.0 points
Grade C– 1.7 points
Grade D 1.0 point
Grade F (and its equivalent) 0 points

Grade Point Average

The grade point average indicates the student’s general scholastic average and is a measure of the quality of his or her work, just as credit hours are the measure of its extent. A student’s grade point average is obtained by dividing the total number of grade quality points by the total number of credit hours earned.