Pre-Chiropractic Medicine


Students interested in a career in Chiropractic Medicine have the option of pursuing any major along with completing specific prerequisites. Chiropractic medical schools typically require a minimum of 90 credit hours be completed at the undergraduate level and many prefer the bachelor degree be completed. Students must gain a thorough understanding of the profession through a range of shadowing experiences. Students should work with the Pre-Med Advisor to select appropriate coursework based on their schools of interest and co-curricular experiences. In addition to the information in this section, please check the general information at the pre-medical and pre-health section of the catalog.

Recommended Pre-Chiropractic Medicine Courses

Academic admission requirements vary by school and are very flexible, but include a minimum of 24 credit hours in life and physical science courses with laboratories. Life sciences include branches of science such as biology and ecology which study structural and functional organization of living organisms and their relationship to each other and the environment. A physical science is any of several branches of science, such as chemistry and physics that study the nature and properties of energy and nonliving matter. Included in this category are movement science coursework such as kinesiology and exercise physiology.

Typical coursework includes the following:


At least one year of general biology with laboratory:

BIO 111
Introductory Biology I
and Introductory Biology Laboratory I
BIO 112
Introductory Biology II
and Introductory Biology Laboratory II


One year of general chemistry and one semester of organic chemistry with laboratories:

CHM 111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory 1
CHM 112
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM 227
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Laboratory


One semester of introductory physics with laboratory:

University Physics I
and University Physics I Laboratory


One semester of statistics (MAT 141 or PSY 201) and one semester of calculus (MAT 111) are recommended. Chemistry majors must take MAT 141.

PSY 201Basic Statistics for Behavioral Sciences3 or 4
or MAT 141 Inferential Statistics and Computers for Science
or ATH 398 Statistics and Research Design
MAT 111Calculus I 14

Additional Pre-Chiropractic Medicine Course Suggestions

One year of anatomy and physiology with laboratory (BIO 114-BIO 115).

One semester of biochemistry in either the Biology Department (BIO 211-BIO 212) or the Chemistry Department (BCH 301-BCH 302).

Coursework in psychology and sociology.

Coursework in business.

Elective Courses

HRP 101 allows students to explore different health professions.

HRP 201 and HRP 202 allow students to explore areas of medicine in more depth.

HRP 498 is an internship in medical informatics.