Declaring Majors and Minors

Declaring a Major

A student declares a major upon entrance to the college by filling out the “Academic Interest” section on the admission application. If students wish to change their majors, they must complete a Change of Major form in the Student Records and Financial Services Center. It is the student’s responsibly to make sure the record reflects their correct major, concentration or minor data.

It is extremely important that students declare the correct major, because academic advisors are assigned based on the major on file with the Student Records and Financial Services Center.

Double Majors

Students who wish to expand their educational opportunities may decide to declare a double major. This decision may be based on career goals, planned graduate studies, and/or other student interests. Before a student declares a double major, it is important to meet with the appropriate academic departments for advisement.  In order to declare a double major, the student must complete the appropriate double major request form and get the signature of each department chairperson and the appropriate associate dean. 

Per college policy, each additional major requires a minimum of 15 credits that do not apply to the student's first or subsequent major.  Some double major combinations can be completed within the minimum 120 credit hour degree requirement, but in other cases additional course work may be required. Please note that students will receive only one degree, regardless of the number of majors they complete.


Minors are another option available to students to explore an area of interest.  Minors generally have fewer requirements than a major - usually 5 to 7 courses.  Some minors are open to all students, while others may be restricted to students in specific majors. The requirements for each minor are outlined in the appropriate departmental sections, and college policy requires that all minors require at least 9 credits that are distinct from any other earned majors or minors.  The complete list of minors provides links to each minor page.  To declare a minor, students must complete the appropriate minor request form that must be signed by the department chair and the appropriate associate dean.