Leaves and Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the College

A student desiring to withdraw from the college must consult with a designated member of the Griff Center for Student Success who will forward the withdrawal form to the appropriate associate dean. In the case of freshmen, a parent or guardian must indicate approval of withdrawal by signing the withdrawal form. The official date of the student’s withdrawal is the date on which the withdrawal form is received and approved by the appropriate associate dean. A student withdrawing from the college at any time during a semester without proper authorization fails all of his/her courses for that semester.

A student who does not register for two or more semesters and returns to the college is required to follow the catalog requirements at the time they return to the college.

Medical Leave of Absence

Students may request a leave of absence from Canisius College when a medical condition significantly interferes with their ability to function at the college. This policy is intended to assist students with an absence of one to two semesters. It is not intended to allow a long period of absence during a single semester. A student taking a leave of absence for medical reasons will not be eligible to complete courses within the semester for which the medical leave of absence is approved.

Students must submit a written request for a medical leave of absence with the Griff Center for Academic Engagement (OM 013). For a leave of absence to be considered, a student must provide written verification from a licensed health/mental health professional of the presence and/or severity of a medical condition. Questions or concerns should be directed to the Griff Center for Academic Engagement.

A student granted a leave of absence will be expected to return to Canisius College after the leave has ended. Failure to return from a leave of absence after two semesters results in a formal academic withdrawal from Canisius College. A registration hold will be placed on the student’s account during a leave of absence.

To return from a leave of absence, the student must provide the Griff Center for Academic Engagement with an appropriate written statement from a licensed health/mental health professional that confirms the student sought and received treatment and is capable of meeting the challenges of academic life. When appropriate, this statement should also include recommendations for continued treatment once the student returns to the college and any needed academic restrictions or accommodations. It is expected that a request to return should be made at least 30 days in advance of the commencement of the new semester. The Griff Center for Academic Engagement will determine the conditions a student will need to meet in order to return after reviewing the statement with appropriate personnel.

Voluntary Leave of Absence

A student who wishes to take a semester or two off, but plans to return to the college within one calendar year, may elect to take a leave of absence. A student who has been on leave for more than one year and/or attended another institution while on leave will be required to re-apply for admission to the college.

Involuntary Leave of Absence

When a student’s behavior is disruptive to the college community or when a student’s behavior presents a danger to themselves or others, the senior associate dean of students or their designee may place the student on an involuntary leave of absence in accordance with the College’s Students of Concerns Policy.  A student's return from an involuntary leave is dependent upon the resolution of the circumstances leading to that leave and must be coordinated with the senior associate dean of students or their designee.