Environmental Science Minor

Coordinator: Katie Costanzo, PhD

The Environmental Science minor is designed for students who want to understand the living and nonliving components of nature. It is a great complement to many majors including ABEC, Biology and Environmental Studies to better prepare them for employment in environmental science, ecology and conservation following graduation.

Minors are an important part of the undergraduate curriculum.  If students declare a minor by sophomore year, they can usually complete it in a timely manner.  Students should work with their advisor to determine if it is possible that the minor can be completed by graduation.  

To receive a minor, a student must complete at least 9 credit hours of coursework distinct from their major(s) and from other minors, and students must complete more than 50% of the coursework required for the minor at Canisius. Please note that “ancillary/supporting” courses required for a major may still count as distinct courses as long as the remaining coursework still meets the 30 credit-hours required for a major. For more information about minor policies, please see the Declaring Majors and Minors page in the catalog.

Requirements for the Environmental Science Minor

The environmental science minor requires BIO 320 (field ecology with its lab), BIO 360 (Environmental Health), at least one physical science course and its lab, and two additional upper-level classes, at least one of which must include the associated laboratory.

BIO 320Field Ecology4
BIO 360Environmental Health3
1 Physical Science Course (must include its associated laboratory if offered)3-4
2 electives (1 must include the associated laboratory)10
Total Credits20-21

Physical Science courses (must choose 1)

GEOL 120
Introductory Geology
and Introductory Geology Laboratory
ENV 200Introductory Hydrology3
CHM 232
Environmental Analytical Chemistry
and Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Environmental SCIENCE Electives (Must choose 2, at least 1 with lab)

ABEC 341Urban Ecology3
ABEC 345Herpetology3
ABEC 347Avian Conservation and Management3
BIO 305Medical Microbiology and its Ecological Basis 13
BIO 322Conservation Biology3
BIO 307Microbiology3
BIO 335Plant Biology3
BIO 343Entomology4
BIO 364Zoology: Diversity of Animal Life3
BIO 366Ornithology4
BIO 375Community Ecology3
BIO 377Freshwater Biology4
BIO 378Wetlands3
BIO 406Population and Conservation Genetics3
EVST 235Environmental Policy3
SOC 315Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for the Social Sciences3
or ECO 310 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
ABEC 348Wildlife & Climate Change3