French Language and Culture Minor


Introductory Level Courses
FRC 103Introductory French I3
FRC 104Introductory French II3
Intermediate Level Courses
FRC 215Intermediate French 3
FRC 217Introduction to French Composition3
Elective Courses 1 6
select two of the following
Cave Paintings, the Colosseum & Cathedrals
Altarpieces, Academies & the Avant-Garde
Medieval Art
Baroque Art
History of Modern Europe to 1815
History of Modern Europe since 1815
Power, Politics, and the People: Nineteenth Century Europe
Canada and the World
Insurrection and Revolution in European History
Total Credits18

Pre-approved study abroad and internship will count as electives (within the 2 courses allowed) pending the approval by the DMLLC Chair.

Minors are an important part of the undergraduate curriculum.  If students declare a minor by sophomore year, they can usually complete it in a timely manner.  Students should work with their advisor to determine if it is possible that the minor can be completed by graduation.  

To receive a minor, a student must complete at least 9 credit hours of coursework distinct from their major(s) and from other minors, and students must complete more than 50% of the coursework required for the minor at Canisius. Please note that “ancillary/supporting” courses required for a major may still count as distinct courses as long as the remaining coursework still meets the 30 credit-hours required for a major. For more information about minor policies, please see the Declaring Majors and Minors page in the catalog.


FRC 103 Introductory French I 3 Credits

Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Introduction to French and francophone cultures. Almost exclusive use of French in class.

Fulfills College Core: Global Awareness

Offered: every fall.

FRC 104 Introductory French II 3 Credits

Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Introduction to French and francophone cultures. Almost exclusive use of French in class.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in FRC 103 or equivalent (generally two to three years of high school French) or permission of the Chair.

Fulfills College Core: Global Awareness

Offered: every spring.

FRC 215 Intermediate French 3 Credits

This course is designed as a thorough review of grammatical structures. Also emphasized is the building of vocabulary, increasing competence in the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and gaining an overview of Francophone cultures. Exclusive use of French in class.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in FRC 104 or two or three years of high school French.

Offered: fall.

FRC 217 Introduction to French Composition 3 Credits

French 217 follows French 103, French 104 and French 215. This course will provide opportunities to build intermediate French skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. A special emphasis will be placed on improving each student’s ability to write and communicate in French. A closer look at francophone culture will provide valuable context for the study of French. Communication in class will be almost exclusively in French.

Prerequisite: FRC 215 or equivalent.

Offered: every spring.

FRC 300 Intermediate Internship 3 Credits

Is an internship designed to provide a six-week immersion experience at the intermediate, low-advanced level. Students who participate in this program will serve as teaching assistants for English at the Ecole Nouvelle Meudon in a suburb of Paris. They will enhance their knowledge of French language and French culture through a homestay with host families and through their attendance in art and history classes delivered at the school. Students will be assessed on their involvement in the assistantship program at La Source and on the weekly reports that they will submit via a D2L platform dedicated to this program.

Prerequisites: min grade of C in FRC 217.

FRC 323 Topics in Conversation I 3 Credits

Contemporary communication skills emphasized in general exploration of contemporary culture of the Francophone world. Exclusive use of French in class. Phonetics included.

Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in FRC 217 or equivalent or permission of department chair.

Offered: fall.

FRC 325 Déjà vu, lu, entendu! News and contemporary issues in the Francophone media 3 Credits

FRC325 is an intermediate level course aimed at developing effective communication skills and targeting fluency in oral expression and verbal comprehension. The class is based on discussion of contemporary issues in the francophone world and is conducted entirely in French. Traditional (radio, newspaper, television) and digital media will be closely analyzed to comprehend foreign policies, environmental matters, civil rights, economics, and family structures, as well as the scientific and technological changes brought about by the integration of francophone societies into a globalizing world. Through a broad range of topics, students will be invited to develop not only their language skills, but also their curiosity for the place of news in the francophone world.

Prerequisite: grade of C or better in FRC 217 or permission of instructor.

Offered: spring of odd-numbered years.