Forensic Psychology Minor

The forensic minor is for students who have interest in clinical, applied, and/or research within the area of psychology and law.  It is an interdisciplinary field encompassing mental health (psychology, psychiatry, social work), law, and public policy.  Forensic psychology offers a wide variety of career opportunities.


Required Courses
CRJ 227Criminal Justice I3
CRJ 228Criminal Justice II3
CRJ 330Current Issues in Forensic Psychology3
PSY 360Psychology and Law3
PSY 303Abnormal Psychology3
Choose one of the following psychology electives:3
Behavior Modification
Assessment in the Behavioral Sciences
Techniques of Counseling
Theories of Counseling
PSY 498FForensic Psychology Practicum3
Choose one of the following criminal justice electives:3
Criminal Law and Procedure
Special Topics in Criminal Justice (must be approved by minor director)
Violence and the Family
Violent Crime in American
Police and the Community
Juvenile Delinquency
Treatment of Offenders
Alternatives to Incarceration
Criminal Justice Ethics
Total Credits24