Environmental Sustainability Minor

Environmental concerns are more pressing than ever before.  We find ourselves challenged to find ways to sustainably engage the natural resources of our planet in ways previously unheard of.  This minor offers students the opportunity to engage issues of sustainability between multiple disciplines in order to reach a breadth of understanding of the complexities of these issues.  Paired with any number of our undergraduate majors, the interdisciplinary minor in environmental sustainability prepares students to critically think and evaluate complex issues facing our society.

Our Minor in Environmental Sustainability engages multiple definitions of sustainability pertaining to the tensions between profit, planet, and people.  Students will seek to engage ideas that critically apply principles of sustainability to professional and disciplinary, as well as daily-life.  We expect that students will express ideas or proposals related to sustainability for different audiences and be able to students demonstrate proficiency in sustainability-related research and writing. 

This minor is available to students in any major, however, to receive this minor, students must complete 3 courses for the minor that do not count towards their major(s) or any other minors.


CHM 104Energy, Environment, and Society3
SOC 234Environment and Society3
PHI 244Environmental Ethics3
EVST 110Science of Environmental Problems I3
or BIO 360 Environmental Health
2 additional sustainability electives6-8
Total Credits18-20

Sustainability Electives

Students must take two of the following courses

ABEC 333Conservation Behavior3
ABEC 335Conservation Education3
ABEC 341Urban Ecology3
ABEC 342Animal Geographies3
ABEC 405Field Studies in Political Ecology & Wildlife Conservation3
ANT 341Environmental Anthropology3
BIO 320Field Ecology4
BIO 322Conservation Biology3
BIO 375Community Ecology3
BIO 377Freshwater Biology4
BIO 477Plants and Society3
COM 348Environmental Communication3
ENT 314Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability 3
EVST 111Science of Environmental Problems II3
EVST 275Global Environmental Problems3
HON 352Water and Society3
HON 354Science in the 21st Century3
MAT 345Climate and Sustainability3
PHI 247Food and Agricultural Ethics3
MGT 350Strategic Sustainable Development3
MGT 430Sustainability and Supply Chains3
PHI 264Justice & the Environment: The Problem of Climate Change3
PSC 360Political Economy of the Developing World3
RST 342Theological Ethics and Environmental Justice3
SOC 273Social Movements and Social Change3