Social Sciences Minor in Child, Family and Community Studies

This social science interdisciplinary minor is co-sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. It is intended for students seeking a deeper understanding of the dynamics of family relations and the interaction of the family with society. A minor in Child, Family, and Community Studies is useful for individuals interested in collaborative activities designed to improve the well being of children, adults, and families. Issues that may typically be dealt with by people interested in this minor include unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, and an urban school system that is unable to address the complex needs of the students it serves.

This minor is geared toward students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Social Work (MSW), Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, or Counseling Education.  Its mission is to prepare undergraduate students for careers and future graduate studies in the fields of education, social work and social services. Embedded within the interdisciplinary focus of the minor is an emphasis on creating reflective and compassionate practitioners who are committed to the Jesuit ideal of men and women with and for others.


A total of 7 courses is needed for this minor.

Select two from the following list:6
Introduction to Psychology I
Introduction to Psychology II
Introduction to Sociology
Interpersonal Communication
Select two from the following list6
Child, Family and Community Psychology
Family Communication
Violence and the Family
Select three courses with one chosen from each of the following areas and with two of the three from outside of the students major
Area A: Children3
Human Growth and Development - Birth through Childhood
Human Growth and Social Development: Adolescence
Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Child & Adolescent Psychopathology
Media & Children
Area B: Family3
Juvenile Delinquency
Introduction to Family Dynamics
Marriage and Families
Area C: Community3
Contemporary Social Problems
Health Communication
School Psychology
Race and Ethnic Relations
Children, Schools, and the Community
Total Credits21

Note: Students must complete 15 hours of volunteer/service learning to complete the requirements for this minor