Student Records

The Student Records and Financial Services Center maintains the official records for Canisius students.  This is the center where students can address issues related to course registration; making official changes including declaring or changing majors, minors, or degree programs; and formally applying for graduation. The center is located on the first floor of Bagen Hall.  The center can also be reached by mail, phone, or email.

Mailing address:
Student Records & Financial Services Center
Canisius College
2001 Main Steet
Buffalo, NY 14208

Phone number:
(716) 888-2600
(800) 238-8160

Change of Name/Address/Phone

It is the responsibility of each individual student to notify the college of any change of name, address and/or phone number. Change-of-address forms are available in the Student Records and Financial Services Center.


A student wishing a transcript of his or her record in order to transfer to another college, university or professional school or for other purposes must make written application to the Student Records and Financial Services Center one week before the transcript is needed. Information on how to request a transcript is available online. In no case will an official transcript be given to a student but, in accordance with accepted practice, it will be sent directly to the institution indicated by the student. A student can request a copy of the transcript for his or her personal use. This copy will be marked “Student’s Copy.” No transcripts will be released until students have cleared all financial obligations to the college