Completing the Degree Program

Comprehensive Exam

Requirements for a comprehensive examination, where applicable, are described in the departmental regulations.

Thesis Requirement

Thesis requirements, where applicable, are described in the departmental regulations.


To qualify for the master’s degree, a candidate must complete satisfactorily all general and program requirements as outlined in this catalog. Degrees are awarded during the annual commencement ceremony on the date designated in the college academic calendar. Students completing the degree requirements in August (degree conferral date is August 31st) or December (degree conferral date is February 1st) may obtain their diploma before the next commencement. All students, regardless of when the requirements are completed (May, August, or December), must file a Request for Diploma form with their respective graduate offices. Students should contact their specific program office regarding the deadline dates for such requests.

Each student’s name should be submitted to the registrar exactly as the student wishes it to appear on all official documents of the college. It is the student’s responsibility to keep this file accurate. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed to reprint a diploma if the name on the new diploma is to differ from that on the official registration record of the college.