Special Education (MSEd) (Professional)

Chair:  Barbara Burns, PhD

The Advanced Special Education Program leads to a MSEd degree and endorsement for Professional Students with Disabilities 1-6 certification.  This program is appropriate for candidates who have completed the requirements for Initial Students with Disabilities 1-6 Certification and Childhood 1-6 Education and want to continue at the graduate level to seek professional certification in those two areas. It is meant for candidates seeking to expand their knowledge base to focus on teaching students with mild to severe disabilities.  It builds on knowledge developed during the candidate's initial students with disabilities program and prepares them to be experts in their field.

Candidates seeking to expand their certifications to additional grade levels should consult their academic adviser.


Required Courses for MSEd in Special Education (Advanced)

SPE 639Therapeutic Approaches for Disruptive Behavior3
EDU 556Assessment for Diverse Learners3
SPE 644Collaborative Practices on a Transdisciplinary Team3
SPE 649Transition Issues for Adolescents with Disabilities3
SPE 650Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Etiology & Educational Needs3
SPE 653Behavior Management and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis3
EDU 615Research Methods3
Education Elective3
Education Elective3
Education Elective3
Total Credits30