Industrial-Organizational Psychology Minor

This interdisciplinary collaboration between the Departments of Psychology and Management/Marketing is for students who expect to work in any kind of organization, a human services agency, a law firm, a hospital, etc. The application of psychology in a business environment is most directly apparent in the field of human resources, but the subject matter relates to all work environments. Courses in the minor cover how employees are selected and placed, the training of employees, performance evaluation, interpersonal interaction and employee relation, motivation and job satisfaction, etc. Students with the minor are well prepared to succeed in any kind of organizational environment.

The Industrial/Organizational Minor consists of seven courses, described under Curriculum. Additional optional courses that students may find useful include PSY 373, PSY 452, ECO 101,ECO 102, ACC 201, ACC 202, COM 319, MKT 201, MKT 320, MKT 331, MGT 367, ENT 401.

Please note, to receive a minor, a student must complete at least 9 credit hours of coursework distinct from their other credentials (i.e., majors, other minors).  Please note that “ancillary/supporting” courses required for a major may still count as distinct courses as long as the remaining coursework still meets the 30 credit-hours required for a major.


Required Courses
PSY 229Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSY 318Social Psychology3
PSY 329Leadership and Motivation3
PSY 395Assessment in the Behavioral Sciences3
MGT 360Organizational Behavior3
MGT 364Human Resources Management3
MGT 460Ethical Power and Influence for Leaders3
Total Credits21

Note:  Students may not take PSY 229 and MGT 360 in the same semester.