Marketing (Advanced Certificate)

Marketing managers need an understanding of how to successfully manage products, services, supply chain systems, marketing communications, customers and the sales process. This certificate is designed to provide a set of courses that help marketing managers make decisions and manage operations to increase revenue and reduce costs. Individuals completing this certificate who are or become marketing managers will have insights as to how best to achieve a higher return on their marketing investments. 

Students completing the Marketing Certificate will:

  • Understand marketing concepts and be able to identify the stages of the product lifecycle.
  • Make data driven decisions to improve the quality of products and marketing strategies.
  • Apply knowledge about differences between buyers on culture, perceptions, preferences and behaviors for marketing decisions.
  • Apply new, emerging technology and media in marketing strategies.    


Preparatory Courses 1
ECO 503Statistics for Managers with Excel3
MKT 604Marketing Management3
Required Courses
MKT 634Consumer Behavior3
MKT 648Digital Marketing Strategies3
Choose one of the following courses3
MKT 632Marketing Data Analytics3
MKT 675Service Marketing3
Total Credits21

Up to 6 credit hours of preparatory courses can be waived depending upon prior course work.  Students' transcripts will be evaluated by the Director of Graduate Business Programs.


First Year
ECO 503MKT 675
MKT 604 
Second Year
MKT 634 
MKT 648